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Top Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Summer Event

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Friday, July 5, 2019 - 11:25

Summertime is in full effect and people are in good spirits as a result. One of the things you’ll find a lot of as a result is events. This could include BBQs, garden parties or festivals. You may be thinking about putting on an event of your own as a way of getting your family and friends together. Perhaps, on the other hand, you have to put together a work event and need some inspiration. Whatever the case may be, here are a couple of top tips for putting together the perfect summer event.

Ensure a Convenient Date

The first thing you need to do when planning an event is to think about when you want to do it. You’ll need to people enough prior notice as they may be busy with other events around the same time. If it’s an intimate party you’re putting together, it may be helpful if you reach out to the people you plan on inviting and find out if your proposed date is convenient for them.
Check to see that there aren’t any major events or concerts going on around your proposed date.

Choose a Good Location

When picking a location for your event, you want to choose somewhere that has a nice ambiance. You also want somewhere that’s accessible and relatively easy to find, so people aren’t frustrated before arriving because they’re lost. When shortlisting locations, add the White Rabbit Shoreditch to your list as it’s perfect for pop-up shop’s, dinner parties, or any other type of private event. You also want to consider that it may be humid, so be sure there is enough ventilation at your venue of choice or facilities such as air conditioning and fans are available.

Plan the Event

Once you’ve gotten the boring details out of the way, you can begin planning the actual event, this is your chance to get creative when it comes to your chosen theme, food and entertainment.

Theme: There is no better time to choose a theme for an event than summertime. There are so many exciting ones to choose from that will make your event both fun and memorable. For example, you could go for a backyard BBQ party or lemonade party if you wanted to. Think about the purpose of your event and what theme could bring it to life.

Food: Another big part of any event is refreshments or food. Your budget will likely determine what types of foods that you arrange as well as how much you’ll buy. Set up a food budget and consider all preferences when you’re composing your menu. Some easy foods to make are chicken taco bites, meatball dippers, pea and mint fritters, or posh cheese and pineapple.
In the event that you’ll be using a bar or restaurant as your venue, see if they offer catering services.

Entertainment: When you’re planning an event, think about the best types of entertainment to use. You could hire a professional DJ or look for upcoming artists that need a platform and audience. Alternatively, get a Bluetooth speaker and play your own music if you happen to be on a budget. For more intimate events, you can plan games that will encourage people to interact.