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New moves to contain coronavirus in Devon

Authored by Mary

New measures to contain and reduce cases of coronavirus in Devon and safeguard the health of local people have been revealed.

They detail plans to provide a fast response to any future outbreaks of the virus across the county and help prevent it spreading.

The plans involve close partnership working between local organisations like health, councils, police, schools and care...

Devon’s biggest ever community movement challenge set to launch

Authored by Mary

Following a difficult period for many, Active Devon, Travel Devon and Devon County Council are launching a new, digitally enabled community movement challenge. Beginning 6 July and running over the summer, Let’s Move will offer Devon’s communities a chance to move more, celebrate our local communities and to win great prizes.

In overcoming these challenges and moving beyond the...

Special patient leaves Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre laden with gifts

Authored by News Desk

When patients are discharged from hospital they can expect to take home with them all sorts of advice and the equipment they need. But one very special patient at Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre so captured the hearts of everyone there that he was waved off laden with gifts.

The team at Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre usually specialise in elective, planned surgery such as hip...

Add some glamour to your wedding day with these wedding hair accessory ideas

Authored by Sarah Parker

A magical time in a bride's life. What should be a treasured moment and a time to savour, instead the wedding planning process can cause much stress and overwhelm for brides.

From the budgeting of their dream day to the icing on the wedding cake, down to the choosing of the live wedding bands . A wedding requires precision and organisation to new and uncharted levels.


‘We’re open and we’re safe' - hospital doctors in Devon urge patients to attend appointments

Authored by Mary

People in Devon are being reassured there are extensive measures in place to keep them safe when attending hospital, as doctors urge patients to make sure they take up appointments.

Many services were suspended to free up beds and staff for COVID-19 patients, but as the number of cases falls across Devon and nationwide, hospitals in the county are increasing the number of urgent and...

Devon-based specialists launch world's first dissolvable catheter for women

Authored by Glen King Pr

Innovative and award-winning self-catheterisation specialists Hunter Urology based in Exeter, has ‘Rocked the World’ of medicine with its ground-breaking development of EmtevaPure®. The new product designed for women which has taken years to bring to market is the world’s first catheter to dissolve entirely in water in just 30-60 minutes!

Established in 2001, Hunter Urology is based on...

5 Things Stopping You from Getting the Sleep You Need!

Authored by Mike Page

Everyone knows just how hard the day is when you have not slept well. The small tasks and problem balloon into unsolvable challenges and your emotions run wild. If you’re lucky, this can happen very occasionally, but for some people, no matter how tired, sleep eludes them. It can be frustrating to be so tired, but unable to sleep. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do...

Online Doctor urges Devon people to gift good health by encouraging loved ones to get a ‘Health M(an) O T’ for Father’s Day

Authored by News Desk

AN ONLINE doctor service is urging Devon people to give a free Father’s Day gift which could save the recipients life – by encouraging them to get a health ‘Man O T’.

UK-wide service Vala Health says its own statistics, reflect the national picture which is true in Devon and show people who identify as men are far less likely to make a health appointment than those who identify as...

Choosing the best CBD oil for back pain

Authored by Sarah Parker

The hemp or marijuana plant belonging to the Cannabis sativa family contains over a hundred chemical compounds. Out of these, two of them are quite active - they are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the one that makes you feel intoxicated and gives you a high upon consumption. It contains psychoactive properties, which is why it is banned in most of the countries....

Derriford’s Lead Cardiologist urges fast action in cardiac emergencies

Authored by Mary

The Clinical Director of Cardiology at Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital has urged the public to seek urgent medical attention without delay, should they or a loved one experience serious cardiac symptoms.

As highlighted by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in May, national Emergency Department Syndromic Surveillance data indicates that the number of patients presenting with...