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Plymouth people’s best and worst sounds revealed

CAR alarms, snoring and the screech of nails down a blackboard are the noises that most annoy Plymouth people the most, whereas sounds such as music and birdsong are among life’s greatest pleasures in the South West’s biggest city.

The Specsavers survey [1] also reveals how much...

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5 Ways to Make Healthy Eating a Priority

Authored by Mary

Whether you are simply so busy that you are struggling to find the time to cook nutritious meals, or whether you have fallen into some negative eating habits over the years, there is no denying that eating healthily can sometimes prove challenging. As challenging as it may be, its importance cannot be emphasised enough. Here are a few easy ways to ensure that vitamin-rich foods form a regular...

Farmers invited to virtual mental health seminar

Authored by Mary

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards are holding an online event to promote mental health and wellbeing in the farming community on Friday 31 July.

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis and increasing industry pressures mean that the region’s farmers are under pressure more than ever. This has led to increased incidents of mental illness within the industry.

To recognise this...

Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital to become an NHS orthopaedic surgical unit

Authored by Mary

Over 12,000 NHS patients have been seen at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic - now the independent hospital is set to become an NHS orthopaedic surgical unit as it continues to support its local NHS Trust.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital has taken pressure off the NHS by providing additional capacity to treat...

The NHS in Devon is here for you – reassurance as county prepares to welcome summer visitors

Authored by Mary

The NHS in Devon has measures in place to keep local people and visitors safe as the county welcomes thousands of holidaymakers for the summer season.

With restrictions on holiday stays and day-tripping eased, Devonians are welcoming visitors attracted by the county’s glorious coastline and stunning countryside.

Doctors are encouraging everyone in the county to stay alert...

Nuffield Heath to reopen fitness and wellbeing centres

Authored by Mary

Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity, will welcome members back to its fitness and wellbeing centres across England on 25th July, including 26 centres across the South West of England. To ensure its sites are safe for both members and employees, Nuffield Health have implemented a number of changes, following guidance from UK Active, the UK government, Public Health England and...

BMI, Plymouth, Hospital

Hospital investment for even greater patient safety

Authored by Mary

A Plymouth hospital has invested in the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure even greater safety for patients attending an Outpatient Department appointment.

Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre has installed a multi-function M8 Healthcare Monitor machine. The very latest of its type, the machine can read a patient’s height, weight, pulse and blood pressure, and calculate their Body...

It’s easy to see your GP: 6 things you need to know

Authored by Mary

More and more people in Devon are seeing their GPs as services continue to adapt to keep people safe from coronavirus.

Services like routine vaccinations and smear tests are now being offered, in addition to usual weekday GP appointments which can be held by phone, online or face-to-face.

Many people are surprised to know that GP services are fully available. Here’s how it...

Make Your Own CBD Gummies With These 5 Super simple recipes

Authored by Sarah Parker

CBD gummies are one of the most convenient ways to get therapeutic CBD oil in your system. Apart from the goodness of CBD oil, gelatin in them makes for a good source of protein. Given the exciting flavors and ease of consumption, any CBD lover can fall in love with them.

However, if you can not find your favorite flavor on the shelf of your dispensary or the stock is out too soon,...

Ancient surgical technique could have a new role in modern knee replacement

Authored by Mary

In good news for the 100,000 patients who undergo the procedure in the UK each year, traction - a technique known to the military surgeons of Ancient Greece - could become an integral part of modern knee replacement surgery, according to a study published in the International Journal of Orthopaedics.

The study was carried out at the Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre, Plymouth, UK, by...

8 Ways to Up Your Productivity with Hemp Oil

Authored by Sarah Parker

So, you have been traveling throughout the day across different time zones and finally arrived at an event. You need to leave bed early the next morning for a meeting at the workplace. And then in less than two hours, you will have to get all suited and booted for a conference. No big deal, right? Did you find any mention of insufficient sleep, stress, and exhaustion here? But they are all...