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Work starts on £5.8m Plymouth primary school

Work on a bright and modern primary school serving a new community in Plymouth is beginning.

Persimmon Homes Cornwall is constructing a multi-million pound, state-of-the-art school as part of its Saltram Meadow development in Plymstock.

Contractors Halsall Construction are...




Childcare is more expensive than a University Degree

Authored by News Desk

The Government has released its Childcare and Early Years Survey of Parents 2019, reporting a rise in the number of families that found it “difficult” or “very difficult” to meet their childcare costs. In conjunction with this survey, new researchledbychildcareplatform, Y​oopies UK​, reveals that the UK ranks int he top three most expensive countries for childcare in Europe, surpassing the...

NSPCC and O2 urge parents to make online safety a New Year's resolution

Authored by Mike Page

The NSPCC and O2 are urging parents to make online safety a priority for their children if they are given smartphones, tablets or games consoles this Christmas.

The advice comes after the charity and mobile network operator found that thousands of parents who have played the O2 NSPCC Parents vs Kids online safety quiz were getting questions about parental controls wrong.


You & Your Active Dog: A Guide To A Healthy & Active Partnership

Authored by Sarah Parker

Having a dog is a very personal relationship and it should be treated as such. A dog is not the type of pet that’s simply a status symbol or one that requires little input, if you keep fish it’s pretty much the case of feeding them and then looking at them if you want to. But with a dog, it's a very different relationship and one of the most wonderful and perfect ones that you are ever going...

Childcare provider partners with martial arts organisation to offer free self-defence classes

Authored by News Desk

The UK’s largest online childcare platform has once again partnered with national martial arts organisation The Jiu Jitsu Foundation to offer free self-defence classes to children ahead of Anti-Bullying Week 2019. The partnership has once again been announced following a report by the NSPCC, which found that 33% of secondary students and 25% of primary school students have been victim to...

5 Practical Tips for Budgeting

Authored by Mike Page

No matter how hard you work, sometimes your incomings just don’t cover your outgoing expenses, especially if you are having to provide for your family or have a lot of bills to cover. While there is no straightforward answer to covering your costs, budgeting can be a very useful tool for helping you to manage your finances more effectively. Unfortunately, budgeting is a skill that not everyone...

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Christmas

Authored by Sarah Parker

The first year of a baby’s life is jampacked with exciting milestones and touching moments such as a first laugh, crawling, gurgled words and maybe even walking or their first family holiday. Of course, it’s true that babies are not going to understand the concept of Santa, the reason for all the festivity or any of the religious significance, but that should not stop parents from making their...

9 Safety-conscious guidelines when buying toys for little ones

Authored by Mike Page

Toys play a fundamental role and are the treasures of childhood. But they can be hazardous for little ones too. To keep a child safe, it’s essential to follow specific guidelines when you are selecting the right toys.


Most toys are market with a recommended age, which must be followed. It’s vital to remain realistic about your child’s maturity level and...

£13,000 a year for time to chill

Authored by News Desk

Exhausted working parents spend almost £13,000 a year in a bid to free up time to relax, new research has revealed.

Desperate Brits have spent an average of £249 forking out for cleaners, ironing services, food deliveries and taxis in a bid just to free up time. If they did this every week it would equate to almost £13,000 a year, new research from Churchill has revealed.


Dealing with Divorce: A Guide

Authored by Mike Page

Nobody expects or wants to get divorced when they marry their partner. However, statistics show that around 42 percent of marriages in the UK end in divorce, so it’s important to know what action to take if you and your partner decide to end your marriage.

To help your separation run as smoothly and stress-free as possible, here is a useful guide on how to deal with divorce.


Children as young as eight giving out their personal details to people they meet online

Authored by News Desk

Almost a third (29%) of children aged eight to 13 have given out personal details to people they’ve met online, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 children, commissioned by O2, also revealed their social media profiles contained potentially sensitive information, with almost a quarter displaying their email address and 8% showing their phone number. Some even revealed...