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Why you should place rattan corner sofas in your patio

If you own a house with ample outdoor space , consider yourself lucky. A backyard, a garden, or a patio are extra spaces in the home that can be organized and customized to suit the needs and lifestyle of the homeowner. One of the best ways homeowners can utilize their outdoor space is by...

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker


Adding some special touches to your home to personalise it more

Authored by Sarah Parker

There are times when you have moved into a home a while back but just lived with what was there. Of course, you probably brought over some furnishings from your last place, but they’re probably dated now too.

When you’ve spent more time at home recently, you look around and realise how there isn’t much that feels personal to you. To do something about that, it’s necessary to pick out...

How to get a professional DIY finish during lockdown

Authored by Devon news

With people spending a larger amount of time than usual in their homes, taking on DIY tasks has proven an extremely popular way to keep busy and mentally active. RGB Building Supplies has therefore put together advice and top tips on how to tackle three of the most popular DIY jobs.

Paul West, Branch Manager at RGB Exeter, commented:

“We all have things in our homes that we...

Taylor Wimpey's Exeter developments to reopen to customers

Authored by News Desk

Following the latest UK Government guidance which came into effect on Wednesday 13th May, removing restrictions on non-essential home moves and supporting the return of activities related to the sale and purchase of homes, Taylor Wimpey will begin a phased approach to reopening its sales offices and show homes in Devon and Cornwall from Friday 22nd May.

Taylor Wimpey was the first UK...

Tips on How to Value Your Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Authored by Sarah Parker

If you’re planning to sell your property or home during this coronavirus pandemic , the main question you’ve is perhaps ‘How much is the property worth?’ There’re several ways in which you can use to figure out your property’s worth, whether by yourself or by using a third party's assistance. In addition, there are a few things that you can undertake to enhance your house’s value if you are...

How renovating your house can improve your life

Authored by Mike Page

House renovating and remodelling should be exciting because it changes the energy of the house. But the process is also stressful because extensive renovations disrupt your entire life. You can no longer use the kitchen, the living room is a mess, and the whole yard is filled with equipment and supplies. Research states that 90% of homeowners remodel their houses at some point in their life...

Parquet Flooring to New Furniture and Accessories: How You Can Change the Look of Your Home

Authored by Sarah Parker

From updating your flooring to buying some new pieces of furniture and extra accessories, there are many things that you can do to change and update the look of your home. With so many ways to experiment with your own tastes and personal style, you might find it difficult to know where to start, which is why we are here to help with a few tips on redecorating a space. Interior design trends...

REVEALED: The UK’s Happiest Street Names Boosting Your Home’s Value By THOUSANDS

Authored by Mary

When house hunting, most of us don’t pay much attention to the road name; in fact, 92% of Brits state that they aren’t concerned with the street name of their next potential home. However, has discovered that this seemingly small feature can have a significant effect on the value of your house!

After analysing thousands of road names in the UK, Bankrate has found that...

Why Laminate Flooring for Bathrooms is One of the Best Design Choices You Could Make

Authored by Sarah Parker

No matter what style you might like for your home, you might not think about your bathroom as closely as you should. There are some amazing design choices that you can choose, but one of the best is always going to be laminate flooring for bathrooms . It is the perfect thing you need to tie a restful and luxurious room together.

Why is Bathroom Flooring Important?



How to Boost Your Home's Value & Comfort

Authored by Sarah Parker

When it comes to home improvements, the best choices are usually the ones that will retain their added value down the line should you happen to sell. Nevertheless, you should also have your own comfort in mind with any improvements you make.

If you’re currently feeling at a loss regarding how to improve your home, let the following guide help you.

Transform Your Fireplace...

The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the UK Second Home Market

Authored by Mike Page

With economic indicators in the UK heading south, it’s not surprising that the real estate sector is taking a beating. The second-home market, in particular, is encountering some issues. However, it’s not the kind of real estate problem many may have in mind in the context of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across the UK.

No real estate bubble

At least in the next few...