MRI Play Scanner helps to alleviate stress for children

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Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 11:23

Going into hospital can be very daunting, especially for children. Thanks to the Charitable Funds Committee, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) play scanner is now available on Derriford Hospital's children’s wards, to prepare children for their MRI scans in a far less daunting environment.

Located on the children’s wards on level 12, the play scanner is used by our Play Specialist Team, who help to explain exactly what will take place during the scan, in conjunction with recorded scanner noises.

Sue Rodgers, Play Specialist Team Leader, said: “The Play Service would like to thank the Charitable Funds Committee for the donation to enable the MRI team to purchase the soft play MRI scanner.

“We are already using this to help children understand the dimensions of the scanner and experience staying still for periods of time. Along with the scanner, the Play Service have the noises that the children may experience and a presentation showing them where they will be going and what the scanner actually looks like.

“All these together help to elevate anxieties and stress concerning having the MRI scanner and enables them to complete their MRI sometimes without any sedation. We have found it a really valuable resource.”

Details of how to arrange a visit to the play scanner are located on the letters sent out by the hospital’s MRI team.


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