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10 Common Mistakes in Doctoral Dissertation Writing

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 07:05

After several years of overwhelming studying, you finally become a Ph.D. student. It means that only in little time you graduate from college and university and can start your scholar career. Yet, there is left one extra responsible step to take. You have to write your doctoral thesis.

There are 10 common misleading thoughts every student has. These thoughts are able to make the process of writing a paper almost impossible. Moreover, they affect the final result. It’s better to consider common mistakes before starting to write in order to avoid typical missteps. You’ll be surprised to realize that some of the thoughts are close to those you may have. 

I Have a Lot of Time. There Is No Need to Start Writing so Early.

It’s one of the greatest mistakes many students do. The first thing you should remember is that writing a doctoral thesis is the energy and time-consuming process. You need up to a year to gather the necessary data and write the paper. It’s very important to make a plan for writing and strictly follow it. The whole process can be divided into several steps:

  • Choosing the topic of the writing;
  • Literature survey;
  • The very writing;
  • Editing;
  • The final review.

Every step takes at least a month. That’s why it’s better to start writing as soon as possible.

The Supervisor Only Reviews My Work. He or She Can’t Help Me.

Every Ph.D. student has his or her supervisor. There is a misconception that the supervisor only leaves a sign on the paper without even reading it. The professional help is out of the question. Yet, the supervisor is the first person to ask for help. He or she knows everything about writing a doctoral thesis.   

Jargons Make My Writing More Interesting and Effective.

The doctoral writing is not the right paper to use slang and jargon in. The only one possible style is possible. It’s a formal one. If you think that informal expressions make your writing more friendly, you are wrong.

They make your writing unprofessional. 

The Figures Don’t Matter.

It may sound weird but writing is not only about writing. You have to prove all the data you present with the help of reliable statistics or experiments. It’s true even about doctoral thesis in Literature.    
It’s Possible to Download Ready Paper on the Net.

Many students are absolutely sure that it’s possible just to download the ready paper on the Net and get an excellent grade. Yet, they fail. You should keep in mind that every paper is checked with anti-plagiarism utilities. It means your writing should be unique.

If you don’t have enough time or knowledge to cope with doctoral writing by yourself, there is still a good way out. It’s possible to use professional custom dissertation writing services like SmartWritingService and its experts. The experienced writers are able to write a thesis paper of any level of complexity. You shouldn’t worry about the quality and uniqueness of the paper. The experts write every task from scratch and check the ready text carefully.  

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Are Not Important.

The content is more important. Yet, if there are a lot of mistakes, the paper is considered to be of low-quality. You can’t get a Ph.D degree if you don’t know the grammar and spelling rules. 

The Preliminary Pages Are Optional. It’s Not Necessary to Attach Them.

The doctoral writing includes such obligatory elements of preliminary pages as title page, acknowledgments, abstract, table of contents, list of figures and tables, list of abbreviations, glossary. You have to attach each of them. 

It’s Possible to Use Any Formatting You Like.

Every university has definite formatting demands for formatting. Before sending the work to review, you have to check these demands.

Literature Survey May Be Broad-Brush.

It’s not a good idea to use the first manuals you find on the Net. You have to research the topic and make the list. It’s important to show it to your supervisor.  

All Methods Are Good for Research.

It’s not true. You have to pick only reliable methods. Your supervisor is the best helper in this question.  

It’s worth highlighting that your doctoral writing should reflect all the knowledge and skills you gain during college years. The paper is compatible only when it’s almost perfect.