Treating Your Boilers the Right Way

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Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 00:08

Imagine it's cold outside and you wake up in the morning to a broken boiler. By the time you hop into the shower, you are going to be hit by a wave of cold water and it isn't going to be pleasant. This is something that tends to happen as soon as a bit of pressure is applied to an aging boiler. You want to make sure it never gets to this point.

The goal is to ensure the boiler is functioning the way it is supposed to, so you don't have to worry about the system breaking down.

The boiler is a major part of the house and it is an appliance that works overtime during the winter months. This is why you want to keep an eye on it at all times according to Absolute Gas Services.

Boiler maintenance is a must so you don't have to pay those large repair bills down the road.

With maintenance sessions, you want to call a professional to check the boiler at least once a year. If possible, you can increase these checks and keep tabs on what's going on with the boiler.

Keeping this in mind, it's essential to prevent boiler faults from happening by being proactive.

There are several steps a person should think about implementing when it comes to managing their boiler. You want to follow these steps and make sure the boiler continues to work the way you want it to without breaking down.

1) Keep the Heating On

You will not want to keep the heating on because the house might feel warm enough. This is a common mindset people have and it does make sense economically. However, you are not going to want to do this because of the damage it can do to the boiler.

Instead, you want to keep the heating on because that is going to ensure the system continues to function optimally throughout the year. It is also going to keep the grit away which is a major plus point. When you continue to toggle with the heating, you are going to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the boiler. This is why letting it run a bit is key.

Just keep it running during the summer at times to keep the system in working mode.

2) Keep Tabs on Potential Blockages

There are times when you are going to place items around the boiler, which can lead to issues down the road. The idea is to keep the area clear and ensure nothing is getting in the way of the boiler running at 100%. This means leaving the appliance in the open rather than starting to block air vents. You also want to ensure nothing is getting in the way of the flues.

3) Never Let the System Freeze

With those ice-cold days during the winter, you are going to see the boiler start to push harder. This can lead to condensation in the pipes, which can build ice inside the system. This is why it's essential to make sure you are taking care of the pipes at all times. Just taking a bit of hot water and pouring it over the pipes is a good starting point.

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