How to Cost-Effectively Renovate Your Home

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 09:00

Big renovations like kitchens or bathrooms might add a lot of value to your home, but they could easily become massive mistakes without the correct planning. That is why they should be the last rooms you renovate. You need to work out on how you can improve the living areas of your home first so that you can decide on your style and understand your living habits intimately.

What some people might think is a necessary renovation for their kitchen might just be a few design flaws like the type of countertop. Waiting and leaving these big projects to the end will give you the chance to fully realise your design ambitions and understand what your kitchen or bathroom needs. While you wait, focus on these cost-effective changes for your home.  

Clear Out the Clutter Once and For All

Clutter is ugly, it is unnecessary, and it draws the eye away from any sort of design element you might have made for your home. What distinguishes clutter from the items that deserve to be in your life are necessity and love. If you absolutely love it, then it stays. If you use it often, it stays. If you haven’t touched it in the last two years but feel bad because it was a gift, it needs to be sold to a home that will appreciate it.

Getting rid of clutter will free up your home so that you can appreciate the design and finally enjoy the space thoroughly.

Replace The Fixtures for an Instant Update

For a quick update, switch out the taps and lighting fixtures in your home. You may also want to look at switching out the door handles on your doors and the like, as these little elements will go a long way towards improving the look of your property.

Tips for Repainting Your Home

When repainting, you need to consider how you can trick your mind’s eye into believing the room is bigger, taller, wider, more spacious or all of the above. White walls are a great way to do this, but they are not the only way. Add an accent wall, for example, or paint the whole room a nice colour and keep to that colour scheme.

Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Floors

Old hardwood can be repaired, but it is not always cost-effective or possible to do so. Carpets can be comfortable, but they also wear down over the years and collect dirt and bacteria. If your floors are old, it’s time to look into your options.

If you have just moved in, it could be worthwhile to add new carpets or see about adding in alternative flooring, from hardwood to cork and more. Get in touch with a flooring company like to learn more about the flooring options. Knowing what materials have which properties will help you make the best decision for your home.

Focus on Improvements That Provide The Biggest Impact

To help you manage your budget, start first with things that are easy to do yourself. Repainting can be done on your own and to great effect, for example. When it comes to the bigger renovations, focus on the options that will have the biggest impact visually first. This will change how you feel in your home the most and then focus on big projects like a kitchen renovation.

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