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How to Choose a Farmhouse Table in 2019

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 10:59

When considering a statement piece for a room, there are three things you must consider.

Because of their bulky nature, and high design, any farmhouse table you add to your room will not only function as a perfect communal venue, but also as a statement piece. Statement pieces can generally be anything, from furniture to art. Their purpose is to anchor a room. Drawing the eye toward them for either their style or their size (or a combination of the two).

When choosing a statement piece, or styling any room really, it’s important that you keep some general rules in mind.

With this in mind we went and asked Sam from https://farmhousetablecompany.co.uk a few tips about their farmhouse tables and how to make the most of them – If you don’t know these guys, well…I’ll tell you a secret: They create the most beautiful handmade farmhouse tables in the UK and deliver nationwide.

Be Sure to Balance your farmhouse table with the rest

Any time you add a statement piece to a room, remember that this should be the most visually stimulating piece in the room. Pairing a bold farmhouse table with wild wallpaper will make the table shrink and the room will feel confused and jumbled. Remember to pair large dining tables with muted and softer accessories. And consider a balance of size- if you have a large table with ornate seating, consider toning down your lighting or rug. Use small accessories to weigh against the girth of the dining table set up.

Scratch the Match

There is absolutely no need to be matchy-matchy anymore. In fact, that particular trend went away decades ago (thankfully). You can easily and creatively mix different styles- like rustic and modern. Vintage and contemporary. Industrial and chic. These pairing have brought us some of the most thoughtful designs of our time. Mixing a farmhouse table with a simple steel frame, modern bench seating, and rustic cabinetry can bring your room cleaner lines, but still keep the rustic farmhouse vibe.

Adjust Focus

Think about where your table is going to be. If you’re spending the time and the money on a farmhouse table, you don’t want to smash it into a corner where no one will see it. If you don’t have the room to float it in the middle of a dining area, consider placing it at an angle that is perpendicular to a wall, forcing the table to come out into the center of the room. Don’t be afraid to create micro spaces within a room by designating areas with statement pieces and rugs.

The Bold and the Beige

If you have a mighty farmhouse table top with reclaimed wood, burnt wood, herringbone, or other visually curious design - don’t detract from it by adding noisy patterns or colors. Keep your servingware, table top accessories, seating and lighting more neutral, allowing your table to really shine through. If you want the space and the functionality of a farmhouse table, but want bold colors or patterns to be the star, consider a more neutral top with a bold frame. Or a contemporary frame, neutral top, and pair it with highly stylized seating and lighting. This makes the table a platform for your design, instead of the design itself.

Seating Steals the Show

Let’s talk about seating. As alluded to previously, you can use seating as an extension of your table, an accent, or the seating itself can make the statement. Remember to pair accordingly with balance in mind. If you want your seating to be an extension of the dining table, look into getting bench seats that are made with the same, or similar, materials to your table. If you want your seating to be the bold piece in the room that draws the eye, choose and understated table and frame. If you want your accessories to blow people away, choose complementary seating and table design (like the classic turned leg table with an arch back Windsor chair, in corresponding neutral colors). 

Tread Threads

Choosing the right rug can really make or break a space. When choosing a dining rug, the goal is to clearly define the space where the table stands. Too small, and the rug will get lost, or make the shape of the space confusing. Too large and it will over take the space, making it look bulbous or disproportionate to the rest of the room. Again, if you’re looking for the table to blend into the background and become a platform for accessories to make noise, consider skipping the rug altogether. For a statement piece anchor table, go with a neutral and contrasting color rug. (Black/dark frame? White, light grey, beige rug. White/light frame? Black, dark grey, bold dark color.) This contrast will make the table pop and clearly designate the space it’s commanding.