The 5 Kitchen Essentials You Need to Buy Before You Reach 30

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Friday, April 26, 2019 - 16:10

As you approach the 30 mark, you should be fully immersed into adult life. With adulthood in full swing, there are various kitchen essentials that you can purchase to help you feel more grown up. With that in mind, here are five of the top products that you need to buy before you hit 30.

Pots and Pans

Arguably one of the most important kitchen essentials, you can’t get very far without some pots and pans in the kitchen. If you are a foodie who spends more time in the kitchen than you’d like to admit, there are plenty of non-stick pots and pans that you can purchase to help you rustle up some fantastic dishes. It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to pots and pans, so make sure to shell out a little more money to get the best products.

Casserole Dish

Whether you live alone, with friends, or your partner, a casserole dish can be the perfect kitchen staple for those who cook for a crowd. With a range of colours to pick from, you are sure to find one that matches your kitchen décor. A casserole dish can be great for making batch meals too.

Coffee Maker

For those who need their caffeine fix, a luxury coffee maker is the perfect addition to your home. If you struggle with getting up in the morning and want to start your day off in the right way, the Dedica EC685 may be the perfect option for you. Measuring 15cm wide, it can fit perfectly into the tightest of spaces. What’s more, it’s equipped with all the key features you need to whip up a fantastic cup of espresso.

Quality Knife Set

One kitchen essential that you will likely use every day is a knife. While it can be all too easy to pick the first set of knives you see, you will want to find a set that is durable and long-lasting. For those who want to inject a touch of luxury into their kitchen, you may want to consider purchasing a Laguiole knife. Make sure to check out where you can find a range of upmarket traditional knives that can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. With stainless steel or brass bolsters, you can be sure to impress whoever ventures into your domain. What’s more, new customers can get 10% off thanks to their welcome discovery offer.

Blender and Juicer

Getting your five fruits and vegetables a day is just as important when hitting 30 than it ever was before. Therefore, why not invest in a blender and juicer? If you’re a fan of juices and smoothies, you must check out Consisting of a 12-piece set, the NutriBullet is incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the container with your ingredients, put the container onto the power base so it can blend and within an instant, you will have a tasty drink full of vitamins and minerals.

Being equipped with the essentials is a must when it comes to cooking up tasty dishes. You will want your kitchen to be stocked with everything you need. From pots and pans to a quality knife set, you should always aim for quality over quantity.

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