What are the benefits of using online butchers?

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Posted: Friday, September 4, 2020 - 11:52

Many of our favourite home cooked meals centre around meat, whether it’s a traditional roast dinner, a summer barbecue or a full English breakfast. With meat being such a key part of our diets, it’s so important to make sure the produce we’re consuming is nutritious and of a high quality – not to mention delicious.

For ease and speed, most of us simply purchase meat from the local supermarket, picking it up alongside the rest of our groceries. Now, though, there’s an even easier way, with online butchers delivering high quality cuts of meat right to your door. These modern-day local butchers have made buying premium cuts of ethical and traceable meat simple and straightforward, cutting out the middleman to source produce direct from local farms. While online butchers may be a new concept to many, those who haven’t yet tried it for themselves should consider the below advantages.


There’s nothing more convenient than finding exactly what you’re looking for without leaving the house. We’ve embraced online shopping to update our wardrobes or order the perfect gift, and there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t do the same when it comes to purchasing choice cuts of meat.

Rather than travelling to a speciality butcher or making do with your local supermarket, you can save time by using your phone or laptop to order the meat of your choice. By using online butchers, you can shop at a time that suits you and buy higher quality meat at better prices.

More choice

Buying your meat from online butchers means you can choose from a much wider variety of cuts, allowing you to purchase the type and size that suits your needs. Many people don’t have a local butcher close to where they live and have to rely on meat from the supermarket, which is often more expensive and of lower quality. Even those who do have a professional butcher nearby may find that they don’t stock exactly what they’re looking for, and so must resort to settling for something else or travelling further afield.

By ordering from a reputable online butcher such as The Dorset Meat Company, you have all kinds of meats to choose from and should have no difficulty sourcing anything you might want. The best part is, it’s delivered right to your door ready for cooking.

Saves you money

With fewer overheads than a traditional butcher who runs a brick and mortar shop, online butchers are able to keep their costs down and pass these savings on to their customers. You’re also cutting out the middleman by buying from an online supplier, which tends to mean that prices for high quality meats are much more competitive than they may be in the supermarket.

High quality produce

While supermarkets must prioritise shelf life and profitability, a butcher will usually be most concerned with quality. By purchasing from an online butcher, you’ll get the freshest and finest meat sourced from small, local farms, plus the convenience and flexibility of fast home delivery and shopping when it suits you.

Meat bought from professional online butchers versus supermarkets typically has improved flavour and texture, as well as having been produced in a way that respects the environment and the animal. Online butchers work closely with small farms and are able to trace the source of their meat, so you know exactly where it came from and the kind of meat production you’re supporting. Traceability and transparency in our supply chains are more important than ever and buying your meat online makes it easier for you to make a good, sustainable choice.

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