Successful Motorhoming with Toddlers and Babies

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Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - 18:18

Many families with young children choose to buy a motorhome for their holidays. And there are plenty of great reasons why this is a standout idea. Holidaying in hotels with toddlers and babies can be a stressful experience. You worry about disturbing other guests with noise. There isn’t much space for the kids to enjoy, and it is hard to keep everyone happy. 

Luckily, a motorhome is ideal for enjoying a trip with young children. Most kids love camping and the great outdoors, seeing it as an exciting adventure. They burn off plenty of energy running around in the daytime and you have a self-contained, safe space to return to for downtime and sleep. 

Here are some top tips from motorhomes Scotland for what to take and what to plan when you are going away in your motorhome with your young family.

Consider Storage Space

Buggies, highchairs, cots and carriers all take up a lot of space. Consider your storage needs when you buy a new motorhome and choose a vehicle with plenty of room for taking all the essentials along with you. Make sure your children’s things can be easily folded and stored in as small a space as possible. 

Think About Sleeping Arrangements

Think of safe sleep solutions for your needs. Will your baby or toddler need their own travel cot, or will they sleep in your bed? Will there be space for a travel cot? Often, bed guards are more practical as they allow a small child to safely sleep in one of the bottom bunks or in an adult bed. 

Choose Your Campsite Carefully

The campsite you pick could make the difference between a fun and a stressful camping experience. Ideally, you want somewhere with plenty of amenities for young kids but which isn’t too busy and packed with other people’s children! A site with plenty of space between pitches helps you enjoy your time without worrying about disturbing other people. It’s a good idea to book your first night at a site, even when you want the freedom to pick and choose where you go during your holiday. This is less stressful, knowing that you have a pre-booked space to relax in at the end of your journey. 

Plan Your Journey

Plan your journey well so that you factor in plenty of rest stops and the chance for kids, and you, to get out of the van and stretch your legs. When your kids are a little older, get them involved in the planning so they can choose where they want to visit (within reason!). 

Essential Supplies for Your Trip

Some essentials for toddlers and babies in a motorhome include plenty of snacks and drinks for the journey and days out, baby sleeping bags, blackout blinds for the windows, a good off-road buggy, a baby carrier, plenty of nappies, a fold-up dryer for your clothes, and a day tent for outside the van on hot days. 



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