New research reveals the secret to a happy family for people in Plymouth

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Posted: Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 12:00

Complete honesty, being able to talk about anything together, and everyone having their own space have emerged as some of the secrets of a happy family, according to people in Plymouth.

Researchers polled families in Plymouth to discover the key factors to a well-balanced domestic life, with discipline and love in equal measure, making your children’s friends welcome in your house, and never going to bed on an argument emerging as important.

Spending time together, not money, was revealed as key to a content family environment for those in Plymouth.

At least one “I love you” a day, taking day trips together, and texting to say you got somewhere safely also made the list of what makes a harmonious family for those in Plymouth.

According to the study by Anglian Home Improvements, almost three quarters of families living in Plymouth said there was more laughter than bickering in their house, and 72 percent said a happy home should look well maintained, but lived in.  A fussier three percent said a happy home should look immaculate at all times.

The study revealed the majority of families in Plymouth are happy with their family life (55 percent). Yet it is the men of the family who are most positive, half of males claiming their family life was very happy, compared to 46 percent of females.

A spokesperson for Anglian Home Improvements said: “The way we live in our homes has changed over the years, and a happy home is one that involves the children in all decisions and with all family members respecting each other’s privacy.

“At Anglian, we believe a home is a sanctuary, and it’s great to see that sitting down for family dinners, cooking together and sharing chores are among the secrets to a happy family life. It’s also heartening for families in Plymouth to see that it’s the small things such as saying “I love you” and asking how each other’s days have gone that really matter.”

A massive 73 percent of those polled in Plymouth felt that the happiness of parents was bound to impact the rest of the family, and 46 percent agreed that mum was the head of the house. However, 27 percent said dad headed-up their family home, while a diplomatic 12 percent said no one was in charge in their property, as they were all regarded as equal.

More than two thirds of people in Plymouth said open communication was important when running a modern, busy family, but 55 percent felt clear boundaries were key.

A laidback 56 percent said it was vital not to sweat the small stuff, like keeping the house immaculate, while 12 percent of disciplinarians said they insist on a set of strict rules.

More than a third of people in Plymouth said asking each other how their day has gone, being affectionate with your partner – not just the kids – and sitting down for a family dinner at least twice a week were also secrets to a happy family.


Being completely honest with each other - 55 percent
Being able to talk about anything together - 52 percent
Everyone having their own space - 49 percent
Discipline and love in equal measure - 49 percent
Making your kids’ friends welcome in your house - 46 percent
Never going to bed on an argument - 46 percent
At least one “I love you” a day - 42 percent
Taking day trips together - 42 percent
Texting to say you got somewhere safely - 39 percent
Asking each other how their day has gone -39 percent

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