How to Sleep with a Cough or Cold

Authored by Sarah Parker

With the sudden weather change going from cold to warmer, more and more people may start to get colds and flu-like symptoms such as the sniffles, a cough or even a high fever.

Here is a little checklist on how you can improve your sleep at night if you’re struggling with a cold or bad throat:

  • Sleeping Positions
  • Front and back sleepers struggle more when trying to...

    Financial stress keeping UK students up at night, as one in five get less than 5 hours of sleep

    Authored by News Desk

    New research released today has found that that over half (51%) of UK university students claim stress or anxiety to be the cause of sleep disturbance, with financial stress a leading cause (44%) - and 1 in 5 students getting fewer than 5 hours sleep each night.

    The research, released by student accommodation search engine , has looked into the quality of student...

    Why a good mattress is crucial for your sleep

    Authored by Kyle

    There are many mattresses available in the UK which is great for us to choose from but at the same time, we are bamboozled by which mattress would actually suit us best. Back pain and stress are common causes due to a badly chosen mattress. A good mattress is proven to make a positive difference however if you have the wrong mattress for your body type or even the right mattress which has...

    Five top tips to sleep when it’s cold

    Authored by Mike Page

    The winter months are firmly upon us; the days are shorter, and the temperature has dropped. But, is the colder weather having an impact on your sleep? Are you struggling to drift off or waking up feeling chilly? If so, don’t fear. Holly Housby, sleep expert from Sealy UK , is here to help with her top tips for sleeping when it’s cold.

  • Take a bath.
  • Not just relaxing,...

    PSP firm's washable mattress made from recycled bottles

    Authored by Duncan Little

    Mattresses are a huge environmental problem which might be about to be solved thanks to a brainwave by Squirrel Medical, a company based at the internationally renowned Plymouth Science Park.

    Currently, the UK sees some 169,000 mattresses dumped into landfill. Hygiene concerns mean many of the parts mean cannot be recycled.

    It’s a global issue with industry experts saying...

    Working to improve sleep for patients

    Authored by Mary

    Work is underway at Derriford Hospital to make sure that patients have a better chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

    The work has now been featured in the national Nursing Management publication.

    Staff at our hospital wanted to identify the factors that could improve the amount of quality sleep for patients so they carried out audits on 27 wards. They particularly focussed...

    Plymouth's sleeping habits revealed

    Authored by Mary

    Constantly checking emails, watching TV before bed and noisy neighbours are some of the unnatural components of our sleep routines that are causing havoc with our sleeping patterns. The rise in technology and making ourselves available 24/7 means more than a quarter (28%) of Brits wake up more than three times every night, and 24% of us take over half an hour to get to sleep, due to problems...

    Sleep deprived South West struggles to #SleepHappy

    Authored by Mary

    The clocks sprung forward this weekend, resulting in the loss of another precious hour of sleep.

    But it’s not just one hour of sleep that we’re losing. A new sleep study from New Febreze Sleep Serenity shows that on at least three different nights each week, the average person in the South West loses one hour and 48 minutes of shut eye while struggling to nod off – that’s five hours...

    8 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    Authored by Caitlin A Green

    Didn't sleep well last night? The Plymouth Daily is here to help with 8 ways to get a good night's sleep...

    #1 – Maintain a Sleep Schedule

    In order to wake up renewed every day, you need to maintain a regular sleep schedule. You should go to bed at the same time every day (the same goes for waking up). This rhythm will certainly keep you vital throughout the day. Remember not...


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