How to tell if your great ape is pregnant...

Authored by Paigntonzoo

The world’s number one selling brand in home pregnancy and fertility tests has donated pregnancy kits – for orang utans.

The Clearblue brand helps over 20 million women every year – and now, a couple of broody female Bornean orang utans… Keepers at Paignton Zoo in Devon approached Clearblue because they hope their orang utans will breed this year.

Senior Head Keeper of Mammals...

Pregnancy research at Derriford in international spotlight

Authored by Mary

Researchers at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust have played a key role in two major, national trials which will change treatment for mothers-to-be.

The results of the trials have been published in international journals within days of each other.

The OPPTIMUM study was published in The Lancet at the weekend and The 35/39 Trial was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (...

Mums-to-be ask the anaesthetist

Authored by Sarah Parker

A new pilot service being trialled by the Maternity Unit at Derriford Hospital will provide anaesthetist-led antenatal classes to mums-to-be.

Consultant Anaesthetist Juliet Barker said: “The class will inform mums-to-be about the more advanced techniques of pain relief and anaesthetics that might be used in labour and delivery. It is aimed at any pregnant lady, and her partner, who...

Teenage pregnancy rates in Plymouth fall to an all time low

Authored by Mary

The number of unplanned teenage pregnancies in Plymouth have almost halved since records began in 1998, and fallen to an all time low according to latest figures published this week

The under 18 conception rate has dropped again for the seventh year in a row, to the lowest rate since the baseline for teenage pregnancies was first set 17 years ago. The rate has fallen from 54.7 per 1,...

Stress during pregnancy can affect foetal development

Authored by Mary

Stress hormones in the mother can affect foetal development, according to a study published today in The Journal of Physiology.

To test whether high stress levels in pregnant mice had an impact on their offspring, pregnant mice received the natural glucocorticoid corticosterone at different times during pregnancy, either from day 11 to 16 (20 females), from day 14-19 (31 females), or...

A Service of Remembering Together

Authored by News Desk

There will be a special service for parents who have experienced bereavement through the loss of a pregnancy or death of a baby. The service will take place on Sunday 5 October at 2pm and will be held in the chapel on level 7 at Derriford Hospital.

The Chapel will be also be open from 1.00pm for the opportunity to meet other parents and talk things over with a chaplain, as well as for...

Parliamentary group welcomes optional Carbon Monoxide test for pregnant women

Authored by JenniferJ

In an attempt to protect unborn babies from the effects of smoking, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has suggested that pregnant women be tested for carbon monoxide (CO) during antenatal appointments, via an immediate and non-invasive biochemical method, and referred to "smoking cessation services" if needed.

The All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide...

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