Charity mascot Harold the Giraffe posts daily diary following school closures to help keep Devon’s children healthy and happy

Authored by sharon goble

The animal mascot of South West children’s charity Life Education Wessex has launched a daily blog to give health and wellbeing advice to children in Devon aged 3 to 11, who can’t go to school because of the Coronavirus shutdown.

Harold the Giraffe is the well-known mascot of the national charity, Coram Life Education. A Harold puppet usually accompanies LEW’s specialist educators when...

What a dog called Cap taught me about society

Authored by Thomas Davis

As I was reading the news today, I came across a story about a dog from Yorkshire. Cap the Sheepdog was recently sold at auction for nearly £15,000 and has become the UK’s most expensive. It wasn’t long after having a giggle at the complete absurdness of it all, that I was left with the horrible realisation that a dog called Cap is probably worth more than I am.

Being a freelance...

10 everyday things invented by accident

Authored by Sarah Parker

Almost all popular inventions today were created by scientists who had a very specific idea and went on to materialize it. To invent something, you have to go through a series of experiments with different calculations. However, in some cases experiments can go wrong, resulting in you creating something you never intended to make – a great product. Everyone on this list may not be a scientist...

8 Ways to Make Your Heart Stronger

Authored by Caitlin A Green

Reduce yor chance of heart diseases and attacks with these eight ways to make your heart stronger...

#1 - Drink Five Glasses of Water a Day

It is a proven fact that people who drink five glasses of water a day are 54 percent less likely to have a fatal heart attack than people who drink fewer glasses of water a day. Scientists explain this by saying that the water you consume...


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Money

Authored by Mike Page

We use money every day, whether we pay something with cash or our credit card. But, how much do we really know about it? Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about money.

1 – Highest inflation in recent history When it comes to inflation, no country comes close to Zimbabwe in recent history. Early in the 21st century, the country had a breathtaking inflation that reached the...

Eight of the Worst First Jobs Ever

Authored by Caitlin A Green

With things like they are at the moment, you’re likely to hear people say how lucky they are to have a job. Depends what it is, of course. For some jobs, the word ‘lucky’ doesn’t immediately spring to mind….

#1 – Production Line Work

Boring, boring, boring! Just imagine being stuck on a production line, doing the same thing for eight plus hours at a time, in a horrible factory...

Seven Ways to Relax and Clear Your Mind

Authored by Caitlin A Green


When it comes to clearing the mind, it’s unlikely anything better than meditation exists. With that being said, you should take part in this activity every day for at least ten to fifteen minutes. It will help you hit the reset button on your brain, so you can afterwards be ready for new tasks and challenges. Just make sure that you are in a peaceful surrounding, or outdoors...


10 Myths of Happiness (that people think are true)

Authored by Mary

Things like pets, ice cream, chocolate, and a glass of wine every once in a while can really boost our mood. But do they really make us happy? Decades of intense research on the mere definition of happiness shows that there’s a huge – and most likely life-altering – difference between what we assume can make us happy and the things that really make us happy. Let’s have a closer look at the top...

If you can't change The world, at least change Your world!

Authored by Shark Swimmer

If you are an athletics fan, you probably know all about the “Fosbury Flop,” a story that tells a world of things about innovation, persistence and a burning desire to win. Dick Fosbury was a good high jumper and he seemed to have reached the maximum height his body could clear. But he kept an open mind and began to experiment with every different way a body could be propelled over the bar....

Failure is a key element of success

Authored by Shark Swimmer

Obstacles are the stepping stones of success.

A man was walking in the park one day when he came upon a cocoon with a small opening. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through the little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It looked like it had gotten as far as it could, so the man decided to help the butterfly. He used...


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