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New partnership to help Bay’s underwater rainforest

Two local names with international reputations are joining forces to help a very special - but largely unknown - species. Living Coasts, Torquay’s coastal zoo and aquarium, is linking up with Valeport, the Totnes-based underwater measuring instrumentation specialists.

The focus of their...




Send money to Nepal – the facts about money sent by migrants

Authored by Mike Page

According to the World Bank, almost 689 billion dollars were transferred internationally out of which 528 billion dollars were sent to developing/under-developed countries. The smooth money transfers have played an important role in increasing the transfer ratio. In older decades, people had many difficulties in sending cash around but, in the present era, if you want to send money to Nepal ,...

Conservation charity helping young people choose All Our Futures

Authored by Paigntonzoo

A Devon charity is inspiring young people to change the world – and they’re doing it for free.

Wild Planet Trust is launching new sustainability workshops for schools. The six free workshops – called All Our Futures – aim to empower children and young people to make good choices for the future. Group Education Manager Steve Nash explained:

“As educators, we understand that the...

Zoo shells out for giant tortoise physio

Authored by Paigntonzoo

We often reach for a heat pack to ease aches and pains, with maybe a bit of a massage if we’re lucky. This is exactly the treatment 35-year-old Sophie is getting right now. The only difference is – she’s a giant tortoise. Paignton Zoo’s Aldabra giant tortoise Sophie weighs 106 kilos, 233 pounds or 16 stones. She’s one of six confiscated by Customs from an illegal importation and handed to...

Mr Tiny is a big surprise!

Authored by Paigntonzoo

Mr Tiny is coming out at Paignton Zoo – and he’s likely to make a great big stink about it. Mr Tiny is the latest Titan arum to bloom at the charity zoo and – while he’s not the biggest - he could be among the latest ever to flower. Paignton Zoo Head Gardener Catherine Mortimer said: “In the UK they almost always flower between May and September, so late October is definitely a surprise. We...

The vital search for conservation evidence

Authored by Paigntonzoo

It sounds like the latest police drama – the Zoo Evidence Officer is on the case, searching for clues, combing through paperwork and tracking down the truth. In fact, the new post, based at Paignton Zoo in Devon, is about detecting science-based evidence for the best ways to care for, manage and breed animals in zoological collections for conservation purposes. Wild Planet Trust, the charity...

Tiger moves at a snail's pace

Authored by Paigntonzoo

This tiger snail at Paignton Zoo weighs around 500 grams – equivalent to 50 garden snails. Individuals can live for ten years. You may not want to see this specimen in your garden, but Paignton Zoo keeper Lauren Lane is besotted with these amazing creatures – and has nick-named this individual Sausage…

Trust announces star patrons

Authored by Paigntonzoo

A major South West conservation charity has announced its patrons. Both are star names regionally and nationally.

Naturalist Nick Baker and broadcaster Judi Spiers have been unveiled as patrons of Wild Planet Trust, the charity that runs Paignton Zoo, Living Coasts in Torquay and Newquay Zoo in Cornwall.

These are the first patrons that the Trust, previously known as Whitley...

New vet scholarship aids wild orang utans

Authored by Paigntonzoo

Two vets from Indonesia are the first to benefit from a unique new scholarship programme run by a Cornish vet charity. OVAID – Orang utan Veterinary Aid – is run by Nigel and Sara Hicks, based in Launceston. They help hard-pressed orang utan rescue centres and sanctuaries with veterinary support and donations of equipment.

The new OVAID Bronwyn Scholarship meant that two South East...

Zoo gorilla plays ball

Authored by Paigntonzoo

England’s chances in the Rugby World Cup would be greatly improved if they had this chap in the line-up.

Male Western lowland gorilla Pertinax lives at Paignton Zoo in Devon. He‘s around 6 feet from head to toe – modest for a professional rugby player these days, but he weighs in at a hefty 190 kilos - and it’s pretty much all muscle. At 37 he’s a bit of a senior now, but even the All...

Zoo says farewell to popular old gibbon

Authored by Paigntonzoo

Naomi the grey gibbon, one of the oldest residents of Paignton Zoo, has died.

Animal staff and in-house vets took the difficult decision to put her to sleep after she became seriously ill. Zoo spokesperson Phil Knowling: “She went downhill quickly. Clinical signs suggested she might have had a urinary tract problem, which can lead to complications such as kidney failure in older...