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Plymouth College of Art appoints Paul Fieldsend-Danks as Academic Dean

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Plymouth College of Art has appointed Paul Fieldsend-Danks in the new role of Academic Dean, as part of the College’s continued development as a distinctive and innovative specialist Higher Education Institution (HEI), undergoing the year-long process of scrutiny on its journey to achieving Taught Degree-Awarding Powers (TDAP) and university title.

Paul will have academic oversight of...

Zoo’s UK tortoise first

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The spider tortoise is one of the world’s smallest tortoises – and one of the rarest. Now, Paignton Zoo has become the first in the UK to breed the species.

Paignton Zoo has become the first zoo in the country to breed a tiny tortoise on the edge of extinction. The secret? A fine blend of driving passion and cool-headed science.

The spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides) is one of...

Health remedy leading to the death of thousands of donkeys

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Chinese health remedy is leading to the death of thousands of donkeys in Africa’s poorest communities

SPANA calls for a halt to Chinese trade that threatens millions of donkeys – and the communities who rely on them for survival.

Across Africa, millions of donkeys risk a grim death to feed the growing demand for a traditional Chinese product called ‘ejiao’.


Over 2 tonnes of marine litter have been removed in Malta for ‘Our Ocean’

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On 5-6 October 2017, global leaders are invited in Malta to commit to new actions to ensure sustainable fisheries, to mitigate climate change impacts, to announce new marine protected areas and to fight marine pollution in the framework of the ‘Our Ocean’ conference:

Healthy Seas and its partners were organizing various side events in Malta, linked to this...

Not correctly recycling your inhaler is leaving behind a damaging carbon footprint

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New research, released today, has revealed that the majority of the nation’s asthma sufferers are incorrectly disposing of their inhalers.

While most local authorities can recycle certain plastics, some inhalers contain plastics and glasses that are not readily recycled through existing kerbside arrangements.

Over half of the surveyed UK adults are simply disposing of their...

International Working Animal Day

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Did you know that almost every vehicle on the streets of London was horse-drawn in 1900?

Working animals played a fundamental role in Britain’s past and continue to do the jobs of trucks, tractors and taxis in developing countries today. Yet almost half of Brits don’t even know what a working animal is, finds new research

  • For centuries, working animals - such as horses
  • ...

Impulse Purchasing Survey: Fashion leads the way for consumer snap purchases

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A new survey has found that the UK will spend £200 more when shopping online than in-store on average. Tech-savvy young professionals were the happiest to part with money, with just under one out of five 22 – 25 year old’s admitting to having spent over £1000.

The spending habits research, conducted by St. Albans-based Gallery Rouge, found that of the 260 items bought on a whim, the...

35% of Plymouth Dog Owners May Have Unintentionally Supported Organised Crime

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An estimated 25% of UK puppies are mass farmed in appalling conditions, where the mother is forced to give birth to as many puppies as possible, as fast as she physically can.

They are taken away from the mother before the minimum recommended eight weeks, and kept in tiny cages, barely fed, having almost no human contact. On average, dogs from puppy farms suffer from more frequent and...

#2 minute litter pick returns to Dartmoor

Authored by Mike Page

Dartmoor Rangers Ella Briens and Andrea Roberts are bringing the Dartmoor version of the successful global litter campaign #2 minute beach clean to the National Park again this year.

Bude resident, Martin Dorey, started #2 minute beach clean after becoming frustrated by the amount of litter on our beautiful south west beaches. His aim was to encourage visitors and locals to take pride...

Young Brits look to the South West’s coastline and waterways to enjoy physical pursuits on a regular basis

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According to new research, over 360,000 people across the South West (8.3% of the local population) participated in one or more of 12 core boating activities¹ in 2016, a rise of approximately 42,000 more participants.

Across the UK, 3.5 million people (6.7% of UK adults) went boating in 2016, the highest volume recorded since 2009 (3.534 million). An additional 668,828 (1.3% of UK...