Top Ten Uses of Epoxy

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Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 10:59

Epoxy is a chemical formed from the mixture of two compounds: epoxy resin and hardener. These two ingredients harden in what’s called “curing” to create the epoxy compound. Because of its adhesive qualities and resistance to heat and chemicals, epoxy finds use in many areas. In this article, we look at ten ways to use epoxy.

Common uses of epoxy

Here are some uses for epoxy:

  • Adhesive purposes
  • Sealant material
  • Coating floors
  • Preserving art
  • Painting surfaces
  • Carpentry and woodworking
  • Making jewellery
  • Bolt reinforcement
  • Electronics and electrical systems
  • Maintenance and repairs of household objects

Epoxy in your home

It's an impressive list, that's certain. But let's take a closer look into what each use means.

Adhesive purposes

Epoxy is perhaps most popular as an adhesive before anything else. Mixed with hardener, epoxy resin can create a strong, reliable adhesive that will hold things under pressure. Epoxy adhesives are highly sought after because they are versatile and more resistant to heat and chemicals than regular adhesives. Plus, they don’t wear out quickly, which makes epoxy popular in the building industry.

Sealant material

Epoxy can prevent corrosion, which explains why many people use it as a sealant for items that can rust. This includes cans, metal containers, and bowls that can rust with time. As a reliable sealant, epoxy will keep your items in pristine condition.

Coating floors

Thanks to its toughness, durability, and imperviousness to chemicals, epoxy is used to coat floors. Builders mix epoxy with pigments to increase the aesthetic quality of floor coating. Such flooring is present in various homes, hotels, offices, etc.

Preserving art

As epoxy is resistant to chemicals, artists apply it to their works to add a layer of protection. Works layered with epoxy are less likely to encounter damage in storage.

Painting surfaces

Painters often prefer epoxy paints because they dry quickly and are easier to clean up. They also offer a strong coating that protects the surface more than water-based paints. Besides, epoxy-based paints are less flammable and reduce fire risks.

Carpentry and woodworking

Epoxy is useful for working wood because it sets faster than typical wood glue. You could also use it to reinforce wood glue for stronger construction, especially for wood flooring. Got a bar top or wooden countertop? Apply epoxy to preserve the surface from rotting and damage.

Making jewellery

Why spend on expensive jewellery when you can easily create some with epoxy? Using epoxy resins, moulds, glitter and some bits and pieces, you can create pendants, earrings, etc. You might even turn your new hobby into a business.

Bolt reinforcement

Epoxy-based adhesives can reinforce bolts. If you find the need to fasten heavy machinery to the floor; epoxy will be a valuable tool, as it will prevent the bolt from rusting or cracking under pressure.

Electronics and electrical systems

Manufacturers use epoxy in making electrical components such as insulators and transformers. Their resistance to dust and moisture makes epoxy perfect for making electrical circuits because they’ll reduce the chances of short-circuiting.

Maintenance and repair of household objects

Strong adhesive qualities make epoxy the perfect candidate for repairing and maintaining household objects. For instance, some families use epoxy to fix broken china, chipped glass, and ceramics. Applying epoxy over the affected area creates a barrier that holds sundered pieces together.

Try epoxy today

Epoxy is the jack of all trades of the glue world. It is easy to work with, affordable, and longlasting. You'll never regret having some on hand whether you're trying your luck as a repairman or creating some jewellery.

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