Signal Boosters ~ A Must in this Digitised World

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Posted: Monday, October 5, 2020 - 08:41

What is a Signal Booster?

Signal boosters are a growing market that has gained popularity in the past few years, moving from rural areas to urban markets.

A signal booster is an FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and IC (Industry Canada) certified electronic equipment that improves existing 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks. Some boosters are even 5G ready!

Signal supporters are legitimate gadgets that help improve call quality, powerless cell signal, and give quicker information speeds.

If you tend to have usable signal outside your home, vehicle, or office building, but weak to no signal inside, then an ee signal booster will improve your cell service and signal strength.

The idea of eliminating dropped phone calls, slow data speeds, and unsent text messages without needing to connect to WiFi, argue with your carrier, or switch carriers has many people questioning how cell phone signal boosters work.

We have the answers!

How does a Signal Booster Work?

A signal booster works by pulling in the weak outside signal, boosting it, and rebroadcasting the increased signal into the desired areas. They likewise work in reverse: the signal booster will receive the signal from your phone and send it back to the tower.

There are different boosters available that different target needs:

  • In-Building Signal Boosters are designed for homes, office buildings, commercial buildings, and any building that needs a signal.
  • Vehicle Signal Boosters - They are made for cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, boats, and fleet vehicles.

Keep in mind that for an ee signal booster to work, there must be an existing signal outside your home, office, or vehicle. A cell phone signal booster enhances current movement; it does not create it.

Most signal booster kits are composed of three fundamental components:

  1. An External Antenna – Used to catch the powerless wireless sign.
  2. An Amplifier – Used to support the feeble sign.
  3. An Indoor Antenna – Used to rebroadcast the upgrades signal inside your home, office, or vehicle.

Coax cables are utilized to interface the best three components; they are intended to convey high-recurrence electrical signs over distances with low signal loss.

What are the Pros of a Signal Booster?

  • With "enough" low 3G and 4G signal, signal boosters can rock.
  • Eliminate dropped calls, low call quality, slow text messages, sluggish internet connections, and poor reception.
  • One-time purchase, no monthly fees.
  • Long-term warranty on most signal boosters from reputable manufacturers.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Work with all cellular devices (iPhones, Android, tablets, hotspots, notebooks, etc).
  • Work with all major carriers.

Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Analogue Signal Boosters

The most common cellular signal boosters today are analogue ones. These intensify a wide range of cell signals overall groups, permitting them to work for all phone specialist co-ops. These are otherwise called wideband cell repeaters, cell speakers, bi-directional intensifiers (BDAs), and, obviously, signal promoters.

Smart Signal Boosters

These are a newer type of booster attuned to specific frequencies that can improve signal up to 100 dB. These are programmable, and generally quite advanced.

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