How to make a lengthy commute more bearable

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Posted: Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 23:32

If you think that your commute takes too long, you aren't alone. Many people in the United States feel that their daily transport to and from work should take under an hour. However, the reality is that the commute is often much longer, up to several hours per day. The amount of time spent trying to get to and from work is frustrating, although there are ways to make the commute more valuable. The following five tips will help ease the pain of a long commute and help you feel like you are making the most of the time spent traveling.

Carpool With A Co-Worker

It isn't easy spending so much time in the car alone. See if there is someone from work that can ride with you. The two of you will share the responsibility of driving, making it more bearable, and you always have someone to talk to when you are bored. You can even get some work done during the commute by bouncing ideas off of one another or going over an upcoming presentation. Of course, having someone to carpool with also helps you to save money because the two of you can split the cost of gas and other maintenance on the vehicle.

Put On An Audio Book

Do you enjoy reading but find that you just don't have the time to finish a book any more? By listening to audio books during your commute, you can make the most of the drive while still indulging your literary passions. Even if you aren't a reader, you may find that listening to books give you the chance to experience things that you ordinarily wouldn't have pursued. It's a win-win situation.

Learn A Second Language

It isn't easy to learn a second language, particularly as an adult. It can be hard to find enough time in the day just to do your daily tasks, much less take on extra ones. However, if you've always wanted to learn another language, your commute may just be the perfect time to achieve your goal. Much like audio books, there are language programs that you can play through your car radio to get you started.

Listen To A Podcast

There are so many interesting podcasts available, and your commute is an ideal time to listen to them. You can learn about an activity that you are interested in or simply find out more about a human interest story. Many podcasts are available for free, so you just have to take the initiative to find something that you like.

Play A Game

If you have someone to share your drive with, getting involved with mobile gaming during your down time is a great idea and will give you the opportunity to relax. There's truly something for everyone, and as long as you have a smartphone, you should be able to access just about anything you want, play Baccarat online if that takes your fancy.

Your commute doesn't have to be wasted time. By using the ideas included here, you can make the most of your daily journey to work.


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