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How can you become a web developer with Microsoft 70-480 exam through practice tests?

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Monday, November 25, 2019 - 06:11

The web development industry is the very area that’s always in the upward trend. This is due to the constant demand for web and mobile applications by organizations and individuals alike. If you want to position yourself right in this sector, then you need to up your game. It’s time to consider enhancing your skills through the Microsoft 70-480 exam. This certification test is designed for those specialists who want to stand out with their skills in the world where competition for expert skills is a reality. So how does this exam help you achieve your professional goals? And what should you do to get to this level? Let’s find out about this and more in this article.


Important Details of Microsoft 70-480 Exam

Microsoft 70-480 is the Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 exam. It’s one of the three tests required for you to become certified in MCSA: Web Applications. There are also Microsoft 70-483 and Microsoft 70-486. Those preparing for the 70-480 certificationexam must be the developers with the experience of not less than one year developing apps with HTML using JavaScript. It involves developing these apps in a programming model that is object-oriented and event-driven. It also involves programming essential enterprise logic for varied application types, software and hardware platforms. The candidates must study and understand exam topics such as implementing and manipulating document structures and objects, and implementing a program flow. They also should know how to access & secure dataand using CSS3 in applications.

Since it is an associate-level test, there will be about 40-60 questions. A maximum of 2 hours is given for the completion of the Microsoft 70-480 exam. Various formats will be used to evaluate your mastery of thetopics. They can be drag and drop, best answer, multiple choice, screen review, active screen, case studies, and more. To move to the next step, you have to achieve at least 700 points in the test. The fee required for this certification exam is $165.

How Does Microsoft 70-480 Exam Help You Become a Web Developer?

Exam taking is preceded by weeks or even months of intense study. This is targeted at making you conversant with the required material for the test. Becoming a web developer needs mastery of specific technical

knowledge and skills that include:

  • How to manage the program flow & events;
  • Data validation;
  • How to work with data collections such as JQuery;
  • Asynchronous programming;
  • Handling with errors;
  • Handling with exceptions;
  • Arrays and collections;
  • How to work with prototypes & methods;
  • How to work with expressions, variables, and operators;
  • Understanding of decision statements;
  • Understanding of iteration statements.

Mastering this knowledge and gaining related skills is what will make you a competent professional in web development. This is what makes it necessary for you to study hard in order to acquire what’s required.

How Can You Prepare forMicrosoft 70-480 Exam?

As mentioned earlier, an intense study is what will help you attain the preparedness level you need for passingthe Microsoft 70-480 exam. Reaching this level requires you to take time going through selected prep materials for the test. This calls for using preparation strategies that work.

The certification exams are best approached with the right mindset. This allows you to have confidence during preparation and even when sitting for the test. Once you have identified what you need to be studying, you must find a way of learning it. At the end of your studies, you need to achieve certain goals. These are:

  • Thorough understanding of each topic;
  • Mastery of app developer skills;
  • How to apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge in solving actual challenges;
  • Understanding of how the exam questions look like and how you can effectively answer them.

Completing these goals requires the usage of study resources that help bring out all that is needed. You need training courses, study guides, and practice tests that work well for you. As forthe courses, the Microsoft instructor-led trainingis designed to meet your exam revision needs. Also, to maximize your prep, you need to consider the official Microsoft Exam Ref 70-480 study guide. The manual will be helpful in case there are topic areas that you haven’t picked up well from the course. The book is also useful for those who prefer using texts as they study.

Another useful source to prepare for the Microsoft 70-480 exam is the Exam-Labs website. This is where you’ll be accessing proper study materials like practice tests, study guides, video lectures, braindumps, and blog articles. They give you the exact information and steps needed to succeed in the test. The examinees need to use practice tests to check the true picture of their preparedness levels. With more practice, it’s easier to identify one’s strengths as well as weaknesses. Video lectures are useful as they allow you to go through the exam material severally. You can take a break whenever necessary and pick up later from where you left. The 70-480 study guide from Exam-Labs provides the students with an in-depth insight into all the topics of this certificationtest.

These tips and tricks are all useful for your exam prep. Make sure you get and use them as required. Only resources will not help. You also need to take certain steps that will ensure that your efforts will not be in vain. Studying hard, while following a plan that you’re confident in, will give you all the support you need to get great marks in your test.

Jobs and Salaries for Microsoft Certified Web Developers

Once you have fulfilled the required steps that will give you the Microsoft MCSA credential, you’ll qualify to apply for specific job positions. They are a software developer, a Microsoft developer, and a web developer. These titlesattract the salary of up to $165,500 per year as ZipRecruiter reports. According to the same report, the average annual pay is $89,138.


Gaining skills that make you competent in your field is a great career step. As a web developer aspiring to grow your skills, the Microsoft 70-480 exam is what you need. Preparing for this certification test will help you become the certified expert you want to be. Your exam performance is going to determine how you move forward. Make sure you give it your best!