Betting Tips to Win Big With the Horses

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Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 15:40

Despite being one of the most popular sports in the world and renowned for being a class day out, when it comes to betting on horse racing many struggle. Horse betting needs a keen eye, solid research and a splash of luck to land a winner. Whilst this can be daunting for many newbies to horse betting, understanding the odds, which type of race you are betting on and simply doing your research about the particular event are all important in picking that winning horse. For beginners and veterans alike, finding a winner can be hard and that's why we are sorting you out with betting tips to win big with the horses, you can also find these at Timeform for even more help at the races.


Our first big hitting tip is to understand the odds and what they mean in horse racing. The shorter the odds the better the chance you have of the horse winning. Or so the bookies say. For example, 3/5 odds on a horse would make it a favourite if the rest of the race was 3/1 odds and above. Whilst this is the bookies indicator as to who they think is going to win the race, only a third of horse racing favourites ever actually win the race. This is an important fact to bear in mind. Additionally, if you are taking a punt on a 60/1 horse, even if you have done adequate research, you have to be safe in the knowledge that it is a long shot. Similar to other sports betting, when betting on horse racing you want to find the best odds for the best chance of winning. Whilst this requires a fair bit of research you also want to be looking at horses sitting at odds from around 3/1 to 8/1 which will give you a solid return in revenue for your stake.

Different Bets:

It's important to know all the different avenues that you can explore when placing your bet on horse racing once you have figured out the odds. There are so many different types of bets that the bookies allow you to put on. You can chance your arm at anything from a single to a Lucky 15 and everything in between. This means you want to choose your picks wisely and weigh up the odds vs chance ratio. As a general rule, unless you are wanting a more fun style bet such as a lucky 15, putting on accumulators on horse racing is extending the bet beyond a reasonable reality and you are almost guaranteed not to win. The unpredictable nature of the event can run in the punters favour for securing higher odds, but it does not help those betting when combining bets together. For horse racing I would recommend picking out a single or maybe a double and sticking with it. Whilst it won't have the gloriously appealing odds of a 800/1 accumulator, it also actually has a chance of winning.

After you have picked your horse you will be faced with the option to add on an E/W stake to your bet. Horse racing, like other racing events, offers an Each Way option on their bets. This means that you will be rewarded fractionally for your horse coming in 2nd or 3rd as well as 1st. Essentially acting as a safety buffer this bet can be very attractive but will cost you double your stake for not a great deal of fractional profit returned if your horse does come in 3rd. It's certainly worth considering but you shouldn’t use it every bet - it is too good to be true more often than not.


Knowing what bets you want to put on and at what odds is all well and good, but to really succeed when betting on the horses you will need to do your research. Investigating form, jockeys, trainers, owners and turf are all super important factors in how a horse will perform on the day. Picking up on this information through the parade ring, racecards or external commentary gives you much more of an insight into how the race will pan out. Without this vital research you will be relying on luck. Frankly, bookies are some of the most lucrative businesses going because of the punters reliance on luck rather than research when betting and this is particularly noticeable in horse betting. Don’t be caught out, do your research!


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