How your community can help your senior relative

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Friday, November 8, 2019 - 06:24

For many people, when it comes to caring for a senior family member, their biggest worry is loneliness. In between visits, it can seem that they don’t have many people to talk to or that their life is somewhat isolated, particularly if their partner has passed away. However, all is not lost when it comes to keeping senior citizens in good company. Sometimes your local community can be a great resource when it comes to ensuring that senior citizens are cared for, and here is how.


You might be surprised by just how many local exercise classes there are for senior citizens. In fact, Age UK runs a number of different exercise groups across the country. There are a wide variety of activities at different intensities, which means there is something for everyone. If they’re not quite ready for aerobics, then something like yoga could be far more beneficial. Exercise is not only ideal for maintaining your health but also for making new friends. Getting out and chatting to new people helps reduce that feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Care homes

While care homes are a means of residential care, they are also incredibly important for the community. These homes provide a means of socialising as well as round-the-clock support, which is perfect if you have a relative who is currently on their own. If you are based in the west country, then searching the internet for residential care homes in Bristol, for example, is a great way to find out what’s available in your community.

Social groups

There are actually a wide number of social groups and activities available for senior citizens who want to get out and about or keep their mind busy. These could be coffee and tea mornings or even competitive card-game sessions for those who are enthusiastic about the likes of Bridge or Poker. You may also find that local community organisers are also a great resource for the elderly. The Women’s Institute is recommended as it is not only a community in its own right, but it also places a strong emphasis on activity, crafts and hobbies.

Be that person

Sometimes it truly is the little things that can help. If you have a few elderly relatives in and about town, then it could be invaluable to them if you offer some company and support. Offering to take them out for a short walk, for example, could be a lovely gesture to make. Or just a small drop-by to their house could help them to feel more optimistic about their day.

There are many people who claim we are losing our sense of community, but the wealth of resources available to senior citizens would suggest otherwise. Community projects are ideal for someone who wants to see their relative become more social and active in their later life. Whether you encourage them to join a fitness group, the Women’s Institute or maybe even a small-stakes poker club, you can rest assured that you are only benefitting their general welfare and lifestyle.

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