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Posted: Friday, September 11, 2020 - 22:32

Plan a fantastic and child-friendly Halloween party! With our top tips and tricks for treats, party games, and decor, you will get into the Halloween spirit within no time. Also, we have provided some simple ideas for festive invites and spooky party themes.

Be Creative with the Invites

You can easily grab the interest of even the busiest friend or relative with a creative DIY invitation you can make right at home. Design the invite to match your party's theme and follow it up with a similarly creative take-home bag or trinket. The point here is to start and end on a high note. You can choose from either of these simple Halloween party invites. We have something for all age groups and themes - even a haunted hoedown.

Play it by Age

Take into account the age of those attending the party to ensure that you don't host a boring or frightening party. When you play it by age, you will be able to choose the most appropriate Halloween party decorations for your particular group. Add a Halloween twist to traditional party activities such as bowling and pin-the-tail games. You can also create the season's mood by just using purple, green, and orange in your decor.

Consider the Duration

This is probably the most crucial party tip. You need to carefully consider how long your shindig should last before the actual day. If you are hosting a party for small kids, then one to hours may be enough. For older kids, the party may be dragged out into a sleepover. Regardless of which, ensure that the invites indicate when parents can pick up their children.

Choose a Theme

There is a wide range of Halloween party themes to select from. In addition to the traditional fun ways of turning your home into a haunted house (spiderwebs and black and orange decor), you should also consider a second theme. Kids will love a spooky, magical forest or a not-so-frightening monster-themed party. For younger party-goers, you can consider a circus theme. It is a great way of letting younger siblings join in on the fun by allowing them to be the animals. Request your guests to attend in costume and then have a costume contest. Be creative and ask the adults to jump into character too.


Transform your home into a haunted place using DIY Halloween party decorations to create the atmosphere of the party. Use some of your free time or one of the weekends to craft some items and let the kids help out. In case you have a busy schedule, make use of these simple-to-make Halloween decorations (in three steps or less) as a crafting activity on the day of the party or even during the party. You can even get ready-made decorations and toys delivered pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, tons of easy to order Halloween light up toys.

Put It to Music

By investing in the right background music, you will be able to seemingly bring your decorations to life. Purchase a CD  with Halloween-suitable music or select an ideal playlist from Spotify. Some "Witch Doctor," "Monster Mash," and "Ghostbusters" will help to get the party started, Ann suggests. Make good use of music to set the mood once the guests arrive.

Utilize Double-Duty Decorations

Our main focus is on using simple, affordable, and versatile party decorations. Use Halloween decor that you already have around your home to decorate the party and accent using some bold pieces such as a fun, large-sized balloon. To craft one, buy a big balloon and place big stickers. Alternatively, you can make use of a permanent marker to write out a Halloween greeting. You can use the hand-made Halloween decor for the party as game prizes or give them out to the adult helpers as appreciation. And serve food using black and white dishes that fit the Halloween theme.


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