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Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 19:50

Most women think of their period as the dreaded time of the month... Well, imagine being homeless and having your period without having access to sanitary items and proper hygiene, forcing you to just go without, with no other option but to use toilet paper, pieces of clothing or anything else absorbent that you can get there hands on.

If these women don't have access to proper hygiene facilities such as showers or clean bathrooms the risk of infection is heightened and it just increases the emotional shame and humiliation.

Homeless women haven't been getting the help they need due to the stigma which surrounds periods. Many people donate to charities supporting the vulnerable but tend only to think of food, drink and clothing items.

That's what we are trying to change the way people think, hoping to pull female menstruation out of the list of taboo subjects, raising awareness and helping to change these women's lives for the better.

The Homeless Period Plymouth is a volunteer led organisation working to collect donations of sanitary and hygiene products in order to create care kits to distribute to local vulnerable women and the local charities that seek to support them.

We have donation points at Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth College of Art and one at a campaigners home in Saltash.

Donations of sanitary items, new underwear, dental care products, wipes, and deodorants are just some of the items that can be donated and are hugely appreciate.

Follow us on social media @PeriodPlymouth or email us at and help us to end Period Poverty and make a difference to these women's lives. To donate to a crowdfunding page to help a local girl buy supplies to donate to the project and give these women the resources they deserve! Get Involved!!


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