Why downsizing can give you a new lease of life

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019 - 15:43

Whether your kids have flown the nest or you’re starting a new chapter in your life, downsizing may be the perfect option for you. There are all sorts of reasons why people choose to downsize from their present home, but what you may not realise is all the advantages it can bring. Here are a few reasons why downsizing can give you a new lease of life.

Increased Cash Flow

Understandably, the larger the property, the higher the mortgage payment. If you choose to downsize, you can expect that your mortgage will be much lower, giving you more money left over each month, which you can spend on leisure activities. Being financially stable can help you feel more relaxed and stress-free, especially as you enter old age. Therefore, moving into a smaller property can give you the stability and financial security you need. You may want to try out using a mortgage calculator to help you work out how much less you would have to pay out each month on a smaller property.

More Free Time

Trying to run and maintain a large household can be a 9-5 job in itself! With so many rooms to look after, your free time can easily be taken up cleaning and making sure your home is well looked after. When moving into a smaller property, the amount of household chores you will have to complete will decrease dramatically, giving you more hours in the day to do the things you love.

Lower Utility Bills

How much you spend to heat and cool your home will be much less in a smaller home. As there are fewer rooms, this means that there isn’t as much space to look after, helping to lower your utility bills. What’s more, reducing your energy usage means you’re doing your bit for the environment too, helping to keep your household green and eco-friendly.

Reduce Stress Levels

When you factor in all the chores and responsibility that comes with owning a large property, it’s highly likely that your stress levels may be through the roof. Therefore, downsizing to a smaller home can reduce your stress levels and take the weight off your shoulders. If you’re entering old age, it may be simply impractical to run such a large household, so having a home that has the basics can make all the difference.

Reduced Consumption

Once you’ve moved into your new property, try and see the benefits of having less space. For example, if there is no place to put an item, you are much less likely to purchase any unnecessary things. This means that you will be spending less on clothing, consumer goods, and food, which can help keep your bank balance healthy.

Making the Move

Once you have decided that downsizing is the right choice for you, there are various things that you can do, such as looking for properties online or finding an estate agent in your local area to help assist you. Also, if you have any excess furniture or items, you may want to consider Self storage from Safestore where you can store any items for as long as you want, meaning that your new home won’t be cluttered the minute you move in! If you are struggling to find space for all your personal belongings, Safestore may be able to help.

There are various reasons why people choose to downsize. As we get older, the thought of having to run and maintain a large household can be incredibly stressful, therefore, picking a home that’s small, compact, and simple to run can make a huge difference and give you a new lease of life. What’s more, you will have more free time to do the things you love, rather than cleaning room after room, giving you more reasons than ever on why downsizing may the perfect option for you.

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