Which doors fit your design and budget - the low-mid-high budget ranges

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 22:33

When it comes to decorating and furnishing a house, the biggest issue buyers face is staying under budget. There is no limit in options in designs and types as well as prices when it comes to choosing doors. If you want to have a quality product with features such as durability, security and also design suited to your interior, you will have to compensate monetarily, but that doesn't mean that you should put yourself under crushing debt.

Where door selection can be confusing, the right choice with thoughtful deliberation can go a long way. The prices of doors can range from £30 to £1500 depending upon the function, type of door and material used to make that door. Wooden doors are usually more preferred over metallic and aluminium doors for internal use because they have more options for customization as compared to others. Almost every kind of design can be incorporated in any type of door regardless of its price if you can overlook certain factors. So it usually comes to the type of material and function.

Following are the doors you can choose from based on a low, mid and high budget.  

Low budget doors

The general rule is lighter the door in weight, the cheaper it is. Hollow doors are usually less expensive as compared to others owing to their lightweight. The low budget price generally ranges from £30 to £200. Pine doors are one option which offers you a blank canvas to unleash your inner creativity as well as giving you the durability you need. Composite doors provide you that security and can give you that energy efficiency. They cost around about £100 to £200 while they can go up to £300 depending upon the material. Primed doors, white doors, laminated doors and Georgian doors are some other options under £200. These doors can also come with fire resistance feature with a slightly higher amount.

Mid budget doors

You can spice up your interior with some elegant and sophisticated designs with a little more money. If you want a vintage touch in your house, then 1930s doors and Victorian doors are a perfect choice for you. Along with that traditional look, you can customize these doors to your desire. They usually range from £150 to £600. For a more modern look, a flush door is your best guess. These doors will give you everything you need in just £200 up to £500. Walnut doors, oak doors and period doors are some other options to choose from with price leading up to £600 giving you that simple, classic, vintage or modern look whatever you want to go for.

High budget doors

With more money to spend, you can choose designs for a better furnishing of your house. High budget doors such as 1920s door for that perfect elegant traditional look for your house. Internal glazed doors, bi-fold panel doors and sliding doors costing up to £1000 can be chosen. You can never go wrong with French doors, but they can cost up to £1500. Doors usually cost more due to their size and material.

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