What to look for in a holiday home

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 - 08:44

If you’ve dreamt of having your own holiday home in the sun to escape to, then you might be tempted to make the leap this year and invest in a special place to call your own. There are some amazing advantages to having your own holiday home, but it’s worth taking the time to choose one carefully.

Read on for some useful things to look out for, before purchasing a holiday property.

Look for the right location

Location is one of the most practical points to consider when choosing a holiday home, whether you’re after a luxury villa Marbella or a rural private escape somewhere else.

As with any residential property, a holiday home should be a place that you can feel comfortable and relaxed in, and that will mean making sure that the environment around your home suits your needs. Before you commit to a decision, it’s worth looking at things like local amenities and facilities, nearby shops, and potential nuisances, such as high levels of noise pollution or traffic from tourists during busier seasons.

Find out what the area is like during the off-season

While a holiday home might be perfect during the peak season, when the climate and conditions are perfect, it might be a very different story during the off-season.

Some areas grow quieter during off-peak months, with fewer services available due to the lack of visitors in the area. It may be an important point to consider if you think you may plan to visit during quieter times of the year, as you will need to consider the lack of facilities at these periods.

However, some areas may also have more difficult conditions during off-peak seasons, such as the risk of poor weather, or other environmental effects. You may need to research the potential hazards your property may face, for instance, if there is the likelihood of storm or flood damage, which may need additional investment beforehand.

Local legal requirements

All countries have their own rules and regulations regarding holiday homes; how strictly they are enforced will depend on the local area. Before you plan on investing in a holiday home, it’s wise to be fully briefed on all the local laws that relate to your home itself, and broader rules about living in a different country.

While some areas have specific laws designated for tourists, long term visitors may have to adapt to a different way of life, and the difference in cultures can come as a surprise.

Another point to consider is whether there are any planning regulations or permits required for your holiday home, especially if you plan on making any changes to the outside your property. While some countries may have a more relaxed and open approach to this, others may demand much more rigorous due diligence. Before making any final decision, it’s worth getting advice or input from others living in the area, to find out what you need to look for.

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