What is conservatory roof insulation?

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 22:14

No matter how much you might love the idea of relaxing in your conservatory with friends, family, or even just a great book, the fact is that the average conservatory is one of the most underused rooms in any home. That’s because they are so reliant on outside factors, such as excessive weather changes or external noise. It can be hard to relax when you’re sweating in the summer, shivering in the winter, or twitching every time you hear the rain hit the glass. Conservatory roof insulation can change all of that, and it might not be the drastic alteration that you think.

The Greener Option

In these sustainable times, more people than ever are looking at insulating their homes. That’s because insulation helps to prevent warm air from escaping, meaning that you get to have far greater control over your energy expenses. The right insulation in any room can also help you control colder temperatures as well, and your conservatory is no different. Treat your conservatory like any room in your home and ensure that you get the right conservatory insulation.

Aesthetic Concerns

Many people are worried about changing the look of their conservatory, no matter how beneficial it might be.  Due to the wide variety of designs and styles of conservatory, consumers are predictably uncertain when it comes to changing the look of the conservatory that they have chosen to add to their property. Click here to see how modern designs from companies like Rundle & Dorey can upgrade that underused space without changing the aesthetics of what could end up being the favourite room in your home.

More Use

Roughly one in six homes in the UK have the advantage of coming with a conservatory, but they can all too often become a waste of space. That age-old problem of being too hot over the summer months, and too cold during the chillier times of the year, means that all too often, people end up using their conservatory just a few times a year. This can be a shame, but some simply insulation changes could mean that you get to make use of your conservatory all year round.

Sadly, homeowners are still not getting the most from their conservatory space, and might even be wasting the potential of the extra room by just loading it with clutter from the rooms that are more commonly used.

Your conservatory can be used much more regularly with some quality insulation, and could very easily become your new favourite room. With greater control over temperature, noise pollution, and sun glare, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your conservatory can’t be used at any time of the year.

Think about how often you use your conservatory. If you limit yourself to just a few days of the year when the weather is just the right balance of not too hot and not too cold, then you’re missing out. Look at conservatory insulation and consider how you might be making far greater use of your space. A conservatory might add cash value to a property, but conservatory insulation can utterly transform how you use it.

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