Ways to improve the value of your house before selling

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 - 12:02

If you’re looking to put your house on the market soon, but are a bit concerned about how much it will realistically sell for, then you may want to start looking into some home improvements. Improving the state of your property might seem like a huge investment, but the idea is that you will earn the money back, and ideally a bit more, when you go on to finally sell it – no one wants to be in negative equity.

Here are a few things to consider improving your home with before selling.

Extra light

Letting a bit of extra light into your home not only makes it a much nicer place to be in but adding extra window and door features could also increase the value. Adding a wide set of patio doors before an outdoor landing, or adding a conservatory to make the most of the sunshine could both create a much-needed burst of light into your home. If you’re selling in the south east, then finding a Brighton based double glazing company would help to offer you some window and conservatory options for your home.

A general clean-up

If you’re looking to improve the value of your home, but can’t bear the thought of shelling out thousands for renovations, then you’ll be happy to know that a general clean-up of your property could do wonders. Paying attention to little details and being honest about the condition of some of your rooms could be a big step to increasing its overall value:

• Unkempt walls: re-painting and stripping off peeling paint will immediately transform a room that needs a bit of TLC. If you don’t have the funds to re-do every colour, then buy large quantities of one single shade to paint multiple rooms will help you to keep costs lower. If the walls are scuffed or look dirty, then this is something you should also be aware of. 

• Kitchen and bathroom: visitors are often squeamish about these two rooms, and ensuring they’re in pristine condition will immediately give potential buyers one less thing to worry about. Cleaning grouting and swapping out any old tired appliances can immediately update and upgrade your kitchen without shelling out for new cupboards. 

Fix it

If you have numerous house problems that you’ve never quite got round to fixing, then now would be a good time to get round to doing some internal repairs. Anything that’s visibly broken or leaking should be mended and fixed before potential buyers see your home. On top of this, any maintenance tasks such as clearing out your guttering can also help make sure everything about your home is presentable from top to bottom. 

Even if you haven’t got a particularly large budget to renovate your home before selling, there are still plenty of tasks to improve the appearance of your property. You’ll be surprised at the difference small repairs, painting and a general tidy up can make to your home, and how much it will affect those who come to see it.

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