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The rise in popularity of oak framed garages

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Monday, August 19, 2019 - 16:23

Garages are popular ways of storing items and cars, as well as creating spaces for workshops and relaxation. When you are considering building a garage onto their house, many people will opt for modern options such as brick or concrete. However, oak framed garages are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and this article will uncover why this is the case.

How can you get oak framed garages?

There are two options to build an oak framed garage: DIY and through a professional. Before you build any garage, it is vital that you find out whether you need to apply for planning permission, such as if your garage is over 4 metres tall. Although it is possible to order an oak framed garage kit, most homeowners will opt to hire a professional or team of professionals who can help you both to design and build your timber framed garage according to your needs, especially if they want a larger garage.

If you are looking for a vast selection of oak framed garages for your home, you should look to hire professional garage experts such as English Heritage Buildings to help you to construct your building.

What are its advantages?

There are many advantages to oak-framed buildings which have made them popular, and this includes the fact that they are easy to set up in any location and do not need planning permission under 4 metres tall. This means that you can establish your garage in a number of weeks, and even build this yourself.

Oak garages are also extremely light and spacious rather than the often darkened rooms of concrete and brick garages. This means that they are perfect for a variety of wider purposes and living spaces, such as creating studies, relaxation spaces, or workshops.

They can also be transported and moved after they have been built, meaning that you can move your garage to a different location, or even a different property if need be.

Not only this, but their environmentally friendly materials such as wood have given them a popularity resurgence in recent years, enabling homeowners to avoid the negative effects of concrete. What’s more, the

UK could also store 3.8 million tonnes of CO2 a year if everyone used wood constructions.

Additionally, oak is also incredibly cost-effective, more so than alternatives such as concrete and brick, leaving homeowners to choose timber-framed as a way of saving on projects.

What is their history?

To track their rise in popularity, it is important to determine their origins. Timber and wood were one of the first materials used to make buildings - and later, garages-as far back as the Middle ages when residents would use the materials that they could easily source close to them to create their buildings. In fact, this is part of what makes oak framed garages popular today as homeowners desire a sense of history to be added to their houses.

Why are oak framed garages fashionable again?

After initial modern concerns over fire risks and the discovery of tougher materials such as brick, oak framed garages, and wooden houses have now seen a rise in popularity. Their traditional materials allow them to match older houses and give properties a traditional and rustic vibe that has become popular as people turn away from ultra-modern alternatives.