How renovating your house can improve your life

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Posted: Monday, May 18, 2020 - 21:05

House renovating and remodelling should be exciting because it changes the energy of the house. But the process is also stressful because extensive renovations disrupt your entire life. You can no longer use the kitchen, the living room is a mess, and the whole yard is filled with equipment and supplies. Research states that 90% of homeowners remodel their houses at some point in their life, and it’s best to do it before it experiences extensive damage to improve your life. There are many reasons to renovate the house, but most time, people do it because they want to enhance the current living conditions and aesthetics. 

When remodelling, you create a more welcoming environment for you, but you also get other benefits. Are you ready to discover them? 

You fix safety issues

Often old houses have red alarms; you discover when you first move in. And it would help if you addressed them immediately because it’s hazardous for your health to live in a house with electrical issues, cracks in the walls, leaks, mould or pests. After you purchase the home, hire an electrician to check the system and determine if you need to rewire it. The modern living demands aren’t in accord with old electrical systems, so you must change them to be able to use household devices. It shouldn’t surprise you that you need to repair the house after you move in because the last owner probably ignored issues for a long time. Most homeowners do it when they decide to sell. It’s no longer their problem to maintain the house; it’s the new proprietor’s role to handle it. 

Hiring an expert is recommended because they can identify the fix the problems to remove red alerts that may interfere with your life. And if you want to sell the house, having it rewired and repaired will boost its sale price. 

Increase the value of the property

You just purchased the house, and you don’t plan to sell it any time soon, but you must know that remodelling it increases its value. Some of the updates last for decades, so it’s worth investing in new electrical and plumbing systems, garden plants and trees, or new tiles because they’ll boost the market value of the property in the long run. 

All renovations that imply an upgrade in lifestyle prepare the house for the real estate market. When you renovate it, it’s wise to check the trends and requirements of the industry to make sure you’ll get the highest price when you sell it. For example, when you insulate the house, you get over 140% of the investment back. 

Lower your expenses

If you want to cut down expenses, make the house eco-friendlier because it impacts your bills. You should call experts to evaluate your home’s efficiency and recommend solutions on how to save energy and lower bills. Most old houses need quality insulation, new doors and windows, and new HVAC and lighting systems. Yes, it requires money to make the home more comfortable and energy-efficient, but you’ll get the investment back in a couple of years. Only if you insulate the house, you save from 10 to 50% in cooling and heating bills. 

You can also install a thermostat that controls the temperature when you’re away from home. It can save you hundreds of pounds every year because you’ll no longer forget the heat on when you leave for work. 

Light tubes, skylights and light shelves are also great solutions for the homeowners who want to create a cosy atmosphere without breaking the bank. If you're going to go green use solar panels to power your house, they reduce energy costs and even generate profit if you produce extra energy and sell it. 

Make extra income

If you need another source of income but you have no free time to get another job you can rent a spare room. But no tenant will want to move in a neglected house, so you must renovate it before listing it for rent. Replace the toilets, paint the interior of the house, and replace the appliances if you want to attract tenants. If this is the first time you welcome tenants in your home, you can collaborate with a company specialised in supporting landlords because they can provide guidance. Hire a company that offers property management services for landlords in Newcastle to handle the process for you. They can arrange the views and transport for applicants, market the property, collect the deposit, and prepare tenancy agreements.             

Improve the quality of life

When you look around the house, you may feel it’s a little unpractical for you. You don’t feel welcomed when you come back from work, and you crave for a relaxing spot where to chill out and forget about your daily stress. You may want to take a warm bath, but you only have a shower, and the experience isn’t the same when water pours on your body instead of hugging your skin when you soak into the warm liquid. Or the former owner may have had a thing for bold colours, but it hurts your eyes every time you enter the living room, and it’s spring green. The house screams for a remodel, and it keeps you awake at night because you know it impacts your life. 

Well, you need to determine what renovations the house needs and contact a constructor. They will consider your budget and recommend upgrades that improve the quality of life without breaking the bank. You may not afford to transform your house into a Pinterest-inspired peace oasis, but you can make it functional and appealing

If you have any unused space, convert it into functional areas. The key to obtaining a welcoming environment is to declutter the house and keep the details to a minimum. You can play a little bit of an architect and transform the home to fit your lifestyle. 

The bottom line: Comfort and enjoyment are the primary reasons why you renovate a house. If you don’t feel cosy and relax, then it’s the moment to clean it up and remodel it. 


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