How to prepare your living room for summer 2020

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Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 19:57

With all the pandemonium recently, we decided it would be good to look forward to the Summer when hopefully things will be a lot better in the country. Summer is one of the best times of the year and at the moment with holiday cancellations etc., people only have the Summer to look forward to. So today we’re going to discuss how to maximise your enjoyment of the sunshine from your living room, with tips to help you prepare the living room for Summer!

  • Swap Curtains Out For Blinds

Our first tip is to swap out curtains for blinds, if you get good natural daylight in your living room, chances are you’ve had the issue with curtains, being that with curtains open, you’re blinded by the Sun and with curtains drawn, you’re plunged into darkness.

This is where blinds come into their own, with blinds you have far much more control over how much light comes into a room, allowing you to live in a happy medium between being blinded and thrown into the dark. You can have a nice well-lit room that isn’t too much for you to deal with. Also unlike curtains, when blinds are drawn, they can still let a breeze come through from any open windows to keep you cool.

  • Get A Mirror For The Room

Mirrors can help make a room feel brighter and bigger, so in the Summer having a nice stylish mirror can add so much to your room. It will make your room look so bright and spacious without you having to do pretty much any hard work rearranging the living room.

  • Bright Highlights For Your Room

Completely redecorating or repainting a room for Summer can be costly and time consuming, so rather than having to recolour the whole room, you can add some ‘highlight’ items to your front room, which you can easily change up easily such as a throw for the Sofa, bright new cushions or some art work.

Having these bright items will give your room a nice Summer vibe to it as well as brighten up the room and make it look more seasonal. The best part of this, is these highlight items can be swapped out each season. Something like sofa cushions are really easy to store and swap out, allowing you to update your rooms look each season.

  • Rearrange The Furniture

Rearranging the furniture is a task with 2 purposes to make your room look more ‘Summery’. The first reason – you have an excellent chance to get a deep clean in your room, usually the areas under and behind furniture can be neglected when having a tidy up, so with everything being moved you can have a nice deep spring clean.

The second purpose of rearranging the furniture is to optimize the light coming into your living room. There’s nothing worse than getting the sun blasted directly into your eyes or directly onto the TV rendering it unwatchable. With a slight re-jig of your rooms layout you can make sure you get enough sunlight to make you feel Summery, but not too much to make you feel blinded.




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