How to give your property a more traditional look

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 09:23

Some people revel in a stylish modern home, while others prefer traditional features and character. You can, of course, let your personality and preferences shine through with the furniture and accessory choices you make, but there are bigger changes you can implement into your property to get a more substantial traditional look.

Use Recycled Items

The benefit of using recycled or reclaimed items is that they will still hold the character of the era they came from, and often are no longer available in mainstream production. You can search for recycled items for your home in many different capacities. 

You could look for upscaled furniture or second-hand pieces to give your rooms a more traditional look compared to searching for furniture from mainstream, modern flatpack providers. You can even look for reclaimed features for the exterior of your property, such as reclaimed roof tiles, which can provide an aged charm to the look of your house.

Add Period Windows 

Which windows you choose can really transform the exterior of your home. If you’re looking to update your windows but you are looking for traditional charm, character windows might be preferable to a very modern upgrade. 

You may also want to consider alternative colours to bright white, such as a darker brown or grey which can provide more character. 

You can choose stylish period-feature windows for your upgrade and add additional character with elements like wooden shutters.

Install a Fireplace 

Fireplaces have a lot of classic charm. If you’re looking for character, you’ll want to go for a more traditional look rather than a modern fireplace fixture (such as the wall mounted screens). You should also think about your fireplace surround, as a classic mantelpiece can add tons of charm, especially if you decorate with traditional ornaments like candlesticks.

For the ultimate character choice, you could consider having a wood burning fireplace installed in your home. 

Think About Your Garden Features

Gardens always have character and charm, no matter how you choose to furnish them. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional outside space, think carefully about how you’re going to outfit it. 

You want to avoid very modern pieces like water walls or modern outside seating, and instead opt for more traditional features like brushed stone fountains or features, and grass or paving stone instead of glossy decking. You should also think about seating, in the ilk of traditional wooden or metal benches which may have more character than modern fabric or leather. You can always upcycle old furniture, too. 


Decorating and updating your home to have more of a traditional feel takes a little more conscious effort, and a little more time spent searching for the right pieces. It may mean that you can’t easily slip to the nearest furniture store and buy a modern piece. However, there are many ways you can be creative and still use certain modern features in your home, whilst styling them in a more classical way. 

Nevertheless, that extra effort is worth it in the end for that traditional looking home you’ll enjoy!


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