Home improvements that make life easier

Authored by Mary
Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 10:04

Sometimes you’ll feel the urge to transform your home because you want a change. Sometimes it’ll be because you’re moving somewhere new and want to add some value before you sell. But other times, you might want to change your home because there’s a certain unnameable something that is making life just that little bit less enjoyable. Friction between your daily activities makes everything more of a struggle, and nobody goes looking for that, so here is a brief list of ways you can improve your home in order to make life easier.

Update and Upgrade

Does cooking become a chore because the oven is temperamental? Do the broken locks in the bathroom make you feel like you have less privacy when washing? Are you finding it hard to sleep at night because your window is rattling in its frame? Take the time to research quality replacements or repair techniques to mend and improve the appliances and fixtures of your home. If you need to dedicate an extra five minutes in the morning to forcing your garage open before driving to work, consider roller doors for garages as a secure and smooth upgrade. These are the practical objects that you use almost daily and, therefore, should be simple to use. You’ll find it easier to enjoy your home when all the little issues that came with frequent chores are no longer a distraction.

Rethink Your Room Layout

Not everyone subscribes to the idea of Feng Shui, but there are principles it teaches that help to make your home a more peaceful and easy place to live. When applied to interior design, Feng Shui focuses on the layout of a room or a building to increase the flow of energy and prevent obstacles. You want to move freely throughout your home without fear of bumping into something or walking more than you have to. This can be applied through both rearranging the furniture in your rooms and also rethinking the floorplan entirely. Knock down an unnecessary wall or two for a more open plan, bright and airy feel. Make sure this is safe to do by consulting a builder first, of course.

Utilise Helpful Technology

No matter what struggles everyone seems to be facing nowadays, the overall quality of life is higher than any other point in history. With the technological advancements that have been exponentially increasing over the centuries, we are at a point now where even our own homes can be brought into a seemingly futuristic world of convenience. Many energy companies offer apps that let you control your heating from your phone. You can also install a security system that lets you see whoever rings your doorbell even when you aren’t at home. Implementing these sorts of changes might seem small at first, but the time they save gives you more freedom than before, making life that little bit more fun.

Add a Bathroom

Even if you live alone, sharing a bathroom with a guest can be a mini nightmare. Large families or couples with only one bathroom are forced to wait for each other to be finished with the utilities on a daily basis, causing friction in relationships when someone accidentally makes the other late for work due to too many minutes in the shower. By adding another bathroom – either through an extension or conversion – you’ll add value to your home and make life easier on yourself and anyone else under your roof.

Dedicate a Place for Peace

A home with many people can be a fun and fulfilling place to live, but it certainly isn’t easy. To make the challenges of your day seem less important, find somewhere in your house to dedicate to relaxation and preserve that sentiment by disallowing distractions such as work or other obligations. Go there when you need even just ten minutes of time alone with your thoughts. Decorate it in such a way as to promote comfort and tranquillity, with soft furnishings and plants.


Sometimes the smallest objects can make the biggest nuisance. Decluttering your home is an excellent way to make life easier, even though it might seem like a chore at the time. Simply take it slowly and go room by room. Discard waste immediately and avoid being overly sentimental about ultimately unimportant objects. Choose a box, drawer, or cupboard to store useful yet unwanted items so that when you have visitors, you can direct them to the cupboard and tell them to help themselves.

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