Getting to know the benefits of assisted living

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 22:19

Assisted living options provide care, comfort, and an emphasis on supporting the independence of the retired. For an idea of the privileges you can expect in assisted living for you or a family member, below we’ve listed some of the main benefits.

Socialising and Entertainment

It's expected that during retirement and the senior years, the elderly's younger family members are most likely working. Their grandchildren are at school, and their friends may have sought different retirement options to their own. However, that doesn't mean a retired individual’s social life and fun needs to come to an end.

Assisted living facilities are conscious of the positive impact socialising, and entertainment has on the elderly's mental health and wellbeing. Which is why supported living spaces, such as retirement villages in Devon, offer its residents a calendar filled with fun and exciting new activities to sign up for. Events might include book clubs, ping-pong tournaments, dancing, fitness or even trips abroad. Also, a lot of assisted living spaces are keen to adapt to the needs of its occupants. Therefore, they may ask residents what they would like to see more of on the social calendar.

24/7 Assisted Care

If you or a family member requires assistance getting dressed, taking care of hygiene, medication, and so forth, assisted living accommodation offers around the clock care tailored to those needs. Moreover, you can rest assured that each member of staff offering support is professional, trained, and respectful of your dignity and privacy.

Housekeeping is included

A significant benefit of assisted living is your domestic duties are taken care of for you. This includes housework, gardening, home maintenance and meals. Enabling you to begin a hassle-free life and spend more time doing the things you enjoy. With no need to worry about cleaning the guttering or handling chemicals to clean the oven, your health, safety, and energy are preserved to enjoy your new life. Furthermore, with a variety of nutritious, delicious meals created for you by the assisted living chefs, you needn't worry about shopping for food and cooking your own meals either.

Transport Services

Assisted living removes the stress of servicing and running a car. And you can expect its reliable transport to take you to restaurants, events, shopping centres, day-trips, and of course, doctors and dentist appointments. Having the freedom of going where you need to when you need to is a big plus for maintaining your independence.

The Full Package 

Assisted living grants residents a way of life that entails enjoyment and new experiences, professional health-support, freedom and the chance to make new friends. Additionally, with a lack of domestic duties to tend to, and no need for a car, you can save time and money to do the things you enjoy—whether inviting new friends over to watch a film, going to the park or shopping. For 24/7 care and a range of social activities for stimulation, assisted living programmes is an excellent choice for many seniors.


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