Five ways to recycle your old family belongings

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Friday, April 26, 2019 - 17:31

Families consume a great deal of material – whether that’s food and drink, clothes for growing little ones, or larger household items that suffer wear and tear over the months and years. As such, you’ll find yourself as a mother constantly running up a list of replacements and repairs that you need to organize in order for your home to be in tip-top working order at all times. But what should you do with your defunct possessions? This article proposes five ways to recycle old family belongings – something that can earn you extra cash while saving the environment, too.

Garage Sale

One of the most typical ways to recycle your household goods is to open up your front lawn and garage on a sunny weekend for your neighborhood to buy those items you have no need for. Not only does this help you recycle instead of throwing away goods, but it also helps you socialize with your neighbors and earn a little cash while doing so. Set up a garage sale to try and recycle excess household goods.

Hand-Me Downs

Kids grow at a frankly alarming rate. Those clothes that fitted perfectly in summer 2018 are likely to start looking a little ludicrous on your children by the time this year’s summer rolls around. As you’ll have friends with children of all shapes and sizes, you should be able to find owners for your children’s recently redundant wardrobes – helping you recycle materials that you might otherwise be forced to cast into the trash.

Established Organizations

There are a number of organizations that’ll help you recycle certain family goods, such as:

  • Electrical recycling merchants, who’ll take household appliances and televisions
  • Mobile phone recyclers, who even take older, broken handheld devices for cash
  • The Scrap Car Network, who will give you cash for your old car
  • Furniture warehouses that specialize in fixing up old furniture for resale

It’s worth checking online for these organizations in order to find the best place to recycle certain household goods.

Independent Online Selling

You can also choose to advertise your excess or replaced household items online, on platforms such as Craigslist or Gumtree, in order to see if anyone’s interested in trading with you.

Often, you’ll find a family or an individual in need of just what you’re selling, which means both parties are a winner in this entirely online transaction that you’ll simply need to take a quick photo and write a speedy description to set up.

Recycling Centers

Finally, there exist all across the US recycling centers that’ll take possessions of a certain type in order to recycle the materials from which they’re made. Wood, plastic, metal, and glass are all recyclable – all you’ll have to do is load up your old possessions into your car and drive to your local center in order to help save the environment by avoiding placing your unneeded possessions into landfill sites – thus polluting nature unnecessarily.

Recycling is a satisfying and money-making way to manage your excess household goods. Whether you use online resources or your personal circle to recycle certain goods is up to you – but you’ll always find that there’s an alternative to simply throwing your unneeded possessions in the trash.

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