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Five simple habits that make housework a breeze

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 09:14

Not many people find housework fun. Yes, there may be a few routines and tasks you find satisfying or therapeutic, but it’s rare for someone to have fun cleaning the house top to bottom. For those of us who can’t always muster the motivation to do the ironing or break out the vacuum, there needs to be as little friction involved in these actions as possible – otherwise, they might never get done. Here are a few useful tips that make doing household chores much less of a pain.

Remove Unwanted or Unnecessary Objects

Cleaning the house is hard to do when there’s so many pieces of clutter lying around. Make sure everything you own deserves to take up space in your home and, if it doesn’t, get rid of it. If the object is still intact and functional, donate it to charity or give it to someone who will appreciate it more. Always seek methods of reusing or recycling an item before deciding to simply throw it away. When it comes to the useful or sentimental items that you choose to keep, find appropriate places in the house for them to live. This way, if ever anything goes missing or finds itself out of place, it is easier to identify and return.

Perform Tasks Immediately

One of the worst parts of doing housework is building up the energy to even bother with it. Unless you enjoy the satisfaction of getting to work, it can take a bit of effort to simply motivate yourself into action. However, motivation isn’t as reliable as discipline. Instead of hoping that, with enough time, you’ll become motivated to kick-start your chores, force yourself to begin. Having discipline will help you become more automatic and less inclined to neglect the tasks you like the least.

Recruit Outside Assistance

Not every job needs to be done by you. Running a house involves a lot of separate tasks and some of them can be delegated or outsourced. Getting your family involved will help to teach younger children important life skills for when they eventually move out. Alternatively, employ the services of Cleaner Cleaner to help alleviate some of the workload. Being able to not only tick off, but completely erase, a few tasks from your to-do list will make housework much easier.

Be Territorial

Of course, not in the sense that you won’t allow guests into your home, but being more territorial of your space can be surprisingly effective in making housework easier. If you refuse to allow unnecessary clutter from entering your home, you’ll never have to worry about tidying it up. If a letter arrives and is dealt with, don’t hold onto it indefinitely; get rid of it. Small items build up fast, so protect your territory and be discerning about what you let into your home.

Spend Thoughtfully

Similar to the last point, keeping an eye on spending has a useful link to keeping your house clean and tidy. By only spending money on what you truly want and need, you’ll be less likely to find yourself surrounded by clutter and mess, making housework much less stressful.