The complete flat-hunting checklist to help you find your next dream home

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 15:06

Flat hunting can be a nightmare. You are stressed, under a time limit, and very likely to make the wrong mistake when selecting a flat. It is only after a few weeks of living there that all its issues become apparent. That is why you need to reel your emotions in and create a firm checklist. Some things are optional, like a balcony. Others, like insulation, proper heating, and good water pressure, aren’t. You need to create a checklist of your own to go through when flat hunting so that when you do say yes, it’s your next dream home.

1. Find a Great Agent

The quality of the agent you choose will determine how well your flat hunting experience goes. That’s why choosing an agent that suits your needs both online and in person is essential. Bricks and Mortar Group offers such a service, meaning you can narrow down your flat hunt online and then visit your local branch in the area you are looking to move to for more specialist advice whenever you need.

2. Check All Appliances and Plumbing Works

When you’re viewing flats, it is important to check that all sockets, appliances, and plumbing works. All electrical items need to work, and you should check the water pressure in the shower and taps to see if it is to your liking. You will also want to consider seeing the water boiler. If you have your own personal one in your building or flat then you should be good to go, if not you might want to see how willing the landlord will be to install an electric shower for you. 

3. Make and Take Measurements

Measure your furniture and belongings and bring a tape measure with you. You need to see how your furniture fits exactly, rather than just estimate its size in your head.

4. Sound Test

If you are looking for a flat, you should conduct a few sound tests. These could be as simple as being quiet to judge the sound of traffic, or waiting for the train to pass to see how much it will impact your experience.

5. Be Very Happy with the Location

You want to be very happy with the location. This means that there are public transportation options that are convenient for your work (ideally less than an hour) or there are plenty of roads to get you where you are going. You will also want to see what rush hour traffic is like, and if that will change your experience.

6. Know Amenities and Services 

Last but not least, ask in advance about what services there are. If you have a garden, is someone going to come and take care of it for you? If there is a leak do you contact the agency or has the landlord hired a repair guy?

In big cities, flat hunting can be incredibly stressful. The good flats are often taken in a day, meaning you need to be in the city and ready to pounce as soon as possible. To really find the best home for you, however, you need to care about this checklist. Stay with a friend if you need to, but your next flat should be perfect.

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