Adding some special touches to your home to personalise it more

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Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - 00:17

There are times when you have moved into a home a while back but just lived with what was there. Of course, you probably brought over some furnishings from your last place, but they’re probably dated now too. 

When you’ve spent more time at home recently, you look around and realise how there isn’t much that feels personal to you. To do something about that, it’s necessary to pick out some new things that speak to you and would make your living space feel cosy and well…. yours.

Here are a few suggestions to get the ideas flowing. 

Change the Bed Linen

If your duvet cover sets are those that you brought over from your last residence, they’ve probably long seen their better days. To be fair, they probably could do with replacing now. 

It’s also a good opportunity to choose a design and material that will hold greater appeal. There are plenty of delightful duvet sets sold at stores like Argos. They even have Egyptian cotton duvet sets if you want something soft to the touch and long-lasting. Don’t forget that you’ll be wanting to pick up a couple of sets – not just the one – because one set will go into the wash at some point and you can then use the second one. If you can locate some valid Argos Discount codes, it’ll be easier to afford two sets as well. 

Luxuriate with Your Towels

Changing your towels isn’t something we remember to do, but they become less fluffy, worn, and tired-looking over time. 

It’s a little-known fact that to make towels soft – or, at least, to keep them soft – you shouldn’t use fabric softener on them. If you have made that mistake as many do, then that would explain why they’re not as soft and comfortable as they used to be. In this case, it’s time to replace them. Choose the materials that you prefer and then the pattern too. While the pattern is delicate, it still adds a little something extra in the bathroom compared to plainer ones. Once this is done, pick out a set of towels in a range of sizes. And remember – wash the towels separately and skip the fabric softener. 

Fresh Flowers

If you want to feel the sense of late spring and moving into early summer, then there’s nothing better than introducing fresh flowers into your home. Use a decorative vase to place them in. It can be a centrepiece to a table in the living room and provide an array of interesting colours along with a pleasing scent. A vibrant rainbow display made from Chrysanthemums is a popular choice. Mixing roses and lilies is another option. They can also be delivered, including a vase, for your convenience. 

When you take the time for personalisation, it turns a living space into a true home. It’s totally worth it to put in the extra effort to do so.

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