6 ways you can add colour to your home

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 09:19

The last few years have seen neutrals at the centre of interior design, and it’s not uncommon to go into someone’s home and find everything in various shades of grey. However, 2020 has seen colours making a big comeback, so if you are bored of your home looking a little drab, here are some easy ways to add colour. 

  1. Add colourful accents to a room

Most people finish off a room with white skirting boards and trim, but there has been a trend recently to add a touch of colour by choosing bold colours in these areas. Tricks such as painting the inside of bookcases can also add colour, without being too obvious, and will ensure your home is Pinterest-worthy.

  1. Find statement pieces of furniture

You don’t need to completely change your furniture sets to add colour. If you currently have a neutral style, then simply adding a few interesting, colourful statement items will instantly lighten up rooms. It’s worth investing in designer pieces from sites like Made in Design, such as a colourful armchair, dining chairs, lamps or accessories, which also add character and make a room seem unique. 

  1. Add some unique artworks

An easy way to add colour to your walls without needing to paint is to hang large paintings or photos. Colourful, modern art looks particularly great, as it adds a contemporary look, so don’t be afraid to go for something unique. You could even look out for some up and coming local artists and support them by buying your own piece, rather than choosing something mass-produced. 

  1. Get some colour under your feet

Flooring makes a big difference to the look of a room, so it’s worth considering whether your current grey carpet or wooden flooring needs sprucing up. One of the cheapest options is to paint your wooden floors, which can be a DIY job, as long as you research how to properly prep and finish them. Rugs also add colour with little effort, and can make a room feel cosier, so it’s worth investing in a few for around the house.

  1. Paint your ceilings

While the idea of a painted ceiling may sound a little strange, it’s been a huge trend in 2020, and it instantly updates a room. Blue and yellow are both popular colours, check out Instagram for inspiration, but you could even go for stripes, patterns, or a starry ceiling to send you to sleep.

  1. Don’t be afraid of bold textiles

When shopping for curtains, throws and other textiles, people often default to greys and beige tones. However, bold textiles can look great when mixed and matched, so florals and bright prints should find a place in your home again. Even clashing prints can work well to create a contemporary look.

Adding colour to your home can bring your interior design up to date, make it feel more homely, and create a cosy, welcoming environment that’ll cheer you up when you get back from work in the evening. 

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