Simple ways to deal with delays on summer holiday flights

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Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 15:56

You have been planning your summer holiday for the past year, ever since you were unhappy with spending your break time in the UK instead of getting out and about in a world that seems to be growing smaller by the year. This year, you had planned on flying with EasyJet from Plymouth to Malta and had even booked flights early with the discount you were offered. However, you’ve heard that there are passengers unhappy with delays even though the airlines weren’t 100% responsible for them. So, if you also should be delayed at any leg of your flight, how can you deal with that time not spent enjoying life in Malta? Here are some tips meant to keep even the most frustrated flyers smiling.

First – What to Do in the Event Your Flight Was Delayed

Before looking at what EasyJet has to offer and what you can do to deal with those delays you may experience, let’s look at compensation, since that will be what you expect. While most airlines will give you a bit of a problem when seeking to be compensated for those delays which literally ate into your holiday time, EasyJet is renowned for excellence in customer service.

They will listen to your frustrations and will make every effort to find a way to compensate you for any losses you sustained due to airline delays. Those who doubt the validity of EasyJet’s promise to take all concerns seriously, if you are flying with EasyJet look here on Flightright for more information.

Flightright is where you will find what you need to know about flight delays. Flightright will help you claim compensation if your flight is delayed or departs more than two hours early. You can check your claim online in minutes. It’s easy to claim up to 600 Euros per person, depending on the flight details.

A Word About EasyJet

This is one airline that sees more than 73 million passengers a year and has flights throughout the UK, Europe and as far as northern Africa. Unfortunately, EasyJet has seen more than its fair share of delays, so that may be a concern. Even so, what airline do you know, or have you heard of that doesn’t get delayed? With air traffic like it is and so much concern over safety in the air and on the ground, it is a wonder that any plane ever takes off or arrives on time. Bigger airports are liable to see longer delays due to extra circling time, but even the smaller airports will experience delays daily. With all that being said, EasyJet is a favourite amongst UK flyers and with deals they find online and when booking in advance, most are more than satisfied with the airline itself and the level of customer care they have to offer.

Keeping the Little Ones Busy

When travelling with the family, you might be content to sit back with your mobile device connected to Wi-Fi at the connecting airport during a delay, but the little people will surely get on your nerves. They probably have just an hour or two left seated in the plane and are anxious to run about. Of course, this isn’t safe at the best of times, but now that your nerves are frayed due to the delay, how can you possibly unwind and take your mind off what you feel to be a thorn in your side? Every moment spent sitting in the airport is a moment you can’t spend strolling the beaches on Malta! The best advice is to pack a few activities in your carryon luggage. From colouring books with crayons to little handheld video games, take the time to plan for such an eventuality. If you don’t plan for a delay, you will probably get one, but if you do? Chances are luck will be on your side. Isn’t that the way it always happens?

Call Ahead to Hotels and Reservations You’ve Made

One of the biggest complaints from passengers delayed on holiday is that they’ve lost the room they’ve booked. Unless you’ve prepaid in full prior to boarding that plane, you might want to take a few moments to call ahead to assure the hotel or other accommodation you’ve booked that you will be there, so don’t give up your room! Especially during heavy tourist season, this is an absolute must no matter how you are travelling. Whether in an automobile, on a train, a cruise or a plane, you can avoid unnecessary complications by communicating with your hotel if you will be delayed more than an hour or two.

The key to dealing with delays on summer holiday flights is to be prepared for them! As simple as that sounds, that’s the reality. There are two clichés which fit the situation nicely. The first is Murphy’s Law and if something can go wrong to delay you, it probably will. Also, remember the other old adage, plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Take the time to plan for delays and they’ll be so much easier to deal with. That’s a promise.

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