Planning on booking a holiday this year? Here are three of the most perfect cities for Devon natives to enjoy

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 17:45

With the remainder of 2020 stretching interminably away, it’s strange to think that we have a whole new decade ahead of us, one that’s sure to be filled with many more technological innovations, political challenges, and global crises. 

While much of what’s to come is likely to be good and exciting, it seems that the world is currently in turmoil, and it can be a little stressful to watch. That’s why it’s important to fill the year ahead with plenty of wonderful things to look forward to, and booking a holiday is a great way to get your 2020 off to the right sort of start. 

That being said, deciding on the perfect destination is a challenge. With so many beautiful places to see and explore, it can be hard to pick somewhere that delivers everything you’re hoping for and more, which is why we wrote this handy list of three specially selected cities that Devon natives are sure to love!


Located on the southern coast of Spain, Malaga is a port city that resides in the heart of the beautiful Costa del Sol. Famed for its pristine beaches and striking skyline, it’s hugely popular with tourists and marries the very best of modern and historic architecture. It has plenty for visitors to do, with everything from beautiful scenery through to cosmopolitan bars and chic eateries, but the jewel in its crown is its many cultural treasures. From the two hilltop citadels that flank the city - remnants of Moorish rule in the region - to its famously lopsided Renaissance cathedral, it manages to marry the past and the present in the most wonderful way. And, for those lucky enough to visit, Malaga Airport car hire begins at just one euro per day, making it eminently easy to explore.  


A city built on its many amazing artworks, Florence is – quite simply – sublime. With its intricate network of cobbled streets and soaring buildings, you’ll find yourself stumbling across stunning architecture and magnificent sculptures at every turn. It’s a place where you ought to walk slowly, raising your eyes to the sky and carefully studying each and every building you pass, but its crowning glory is undoubtedly its magnificent Duomo. Standing in pride of place in the centre, it’s the historic heart of Florence, and the rest of the city spiders out around it like a complex network of veins and arteries – one you’ll have the most wonderful time exploring. 


Located in Switzerland, beautiful Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the political centre of the country, but don’t let the latter fool you into believing that it’s a place of practicality and function, for Bern is enchanting. Made for enjoyment, its streets are a maze of covered walkways, so you can shop, eat, and drink to your heart’s content no matter what the weather. The perfect place for a picturesque getaway, this is a city of delicate, pastel-coloured buildings, meandering riverside walks and lush, rolling countryside. Book a getaway now to enjoy its beauty for yourself. 

When it comes to picking the perfect holiday spot, there are so many wonderful cities and countries to choose from, but the three on this list undoubtedly number among our favourites. Why not experience one (or all of) them for yourself in 2020? 

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