How You Can Determine if Glamping – or Camping – is for You

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Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 15:45

For many people, the idea of camping is certainly attractive, but more people nowadays are also seeing glamping as an attractive activity for a weekend break or holiday. Both glamping and camping give us the perfect excuse to relax in the outdoors and get some necessary fresh air, and perhaps even benefit from a unique adventure. But if you are wondering which is better between the two, what you have to know is that each has its merits, and it's really up to you to decide which one you want based on your needs and preferences and what's important to you. Here, then, is how you can determine if glamping – or camping – is for you.

  • Thinking of the convenience and cost

One of the prime considerations is the expense. In other words, how much do you want to – or can – spend? Camping is definitely a budget-friendly holiday, and all you need is to choose a tent and your camping gear and accessories and pick a site. And while the expenses associated with camping can become higher once you level up and have more needs, it can still be less expensive compared to glamping. But whether the cost is worth it is really your decision; it depends on what you consider important.

The reasons why glamping can be more expensive than camping are ease and luxury. Glamping is more luxurious than camping because it can mean a real bed as opposed to a sleeping bag, comfy bed linen, access to a private bathroom and shower, electricity, fully-fitted kitchens, WiFi, and more. Glamping comes in different forms though, because you can also choose from tee-pees to safari tents to entire cottages surrounded by the beauty of nature. There are, for instance, lots of beautiful safari tents for sale that are guaranteed to be a lot more comfortable than your average tent. If comfort and luxury are your priority, then glamping can give you exactly what you want. With glamping, you also have more convenience because you don’t have to go through the stress of camping and can simply arrive with your belongings and everything is set.

  • Thinking of the uniqueness of the experience

Camping will still have its own unique advantages over glamping, however. For one, camping can offer more mobility in terms of location because you can just pack up and go at any time. Camping can also make you feel like you are closer to the natural environment, especially since you are really more at the mercy of the weather, temperature changes, bugs and insects, and so on.

Here’s one other aspect to think about: if you are considering going on a holiday or weekend break with your children, it depends on your children’s age which activity is more suitable for them. Older kids, for instance, may find camping a lot more adventurous because they can be in charge of a lot of aspects of camping, such as setting up the tent and doing other jobs. Younger kids, however, may find glamping more suitable because it is more organised and you will have more time to spend with them since you don’t have to worry too much about the various responsibilities that come with camping.     

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