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Posted: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 22:15

Staying outdoors or camping is becoming quite a rampant activity these days amongst all manner of men. The surge in camping may have led to the designation of more camping grounds in the United Kingdom and many other places all over the world btu true campers will always seek out the best campsites in Cornwall or any other county in the United Kingdom for their ultimate pleasure at the outdoors.

Camping as an activity is one that is done at the outdoors and requiring an overnight stay away from home in the open space. The overnight stay is done not in traditional houses but in structures such as tents or camping vehicles. If you are camper or you want to participate, the activity usually requires the movement from the urban and developed part of place to the natural scenery in pursuit of pleasure. For it to be considered camping, a minimum of a day must have been spent on the outdoor overnight stay camping can also be enjoyed and done in a gay are all year round and in all seasons.

 You should know that camping as a recreational activity was popularized among the elites n the 20th Century. To be properly put, it was at that time an elitist activity then. The camping activity was made popular by an English Itinerant tailor named Thomas Hiram Holding. He was the first to write about the various types on camping activity. Though, there may be traces about camping during which there was a surge in the bank of the river Thames.

Camping and campsite as better off when they are done in a designated camp area. Camping in the none designated area can be unsafe as it is illegal to do so. The United Kingdom has laws guiding everyday life and this type of activity is also governed by government and may publish the list of members not to be compared. So, it is advised that you stick to the part of the environment that are lawful to be called a. Areas designated as campsites have the following things in common:

  • Fireplace for building and lighting of camp fire,
  • Accessible roads for vehicles. 
  • Garden or concrete the pad that is elevated for the parking of vehicles.
  • Marked boundaries to distinguish one campers corner from the other.
  • Raised platforms for tent set ups
  • Picnic tables and a waste management system.
  • Shower and toilet facility 
  • Convenience store for the purchase of daily supplies and as well wood for cooking or setting up camp fire

Because of that which is enumerated above, the camping is more generally done in a campsite. In Great Britain, camping outside a designated campsite is called “wild camping” and it is mostly illegal to do so. It therefore goes without saying that to enjoy your life as a camper and be on the right side of the law; one must as a matter of fact stick to the designated campsites. Since the designated campsites are regulated by the law of the realm, you can be sure that the campsite will make provision for topnotch camping facility to give you the experience of a lifetime which is what you so desire while engaging in the infamous camping activity.  

So go out there, find the great campsite in Cornwall or anywhere in the world where you may want to indulge, enjoy the beauty of the scenery, have the pleasure of the life you sought while coming for the camping and stay on the right side of the law while doing it and you’ll be glad you did.

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