Best Ideas for a Girls Weekend in Vegas

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Posted: Sunday, December 8, 2019 - 11:58

Getting together for a weekend with your girls is fun. Getting together with your girls for a weekend in Vegas is epic! There is no better place to bond with your squad than in Las Vegas. With the glitz, the glamour, the nightlife, the parties, there is no better place to make memories than in Sin City. Whether it is a quick, 2-day trip or an extended 4-day weekend, you will want to try and cram as many amazing activities into your time in Vegas as you can. Here are the best ideas for a girls' weekend in Vegas.

Splurge on a Luxurious Hotel 

A girls' weekend to Vegas is not a time to bust out that coupon for a budget hotel. Vegas is home to some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world. Hotels with clubs, pools, spas, shops, casinos, and more. The best part is, in Las Vegas, even the most lavish hotels are not all that expensive. This means that you and your girls can find an amazing hotel that will not break the bank and still leave you with some money to put down at the tables.

If you are looking for hotels that offer the best combination of amenities and affordability, check out the Best Hotels in Vegas article on Weekly Slots News. The article is updated monthly and it gives you the Google rating, reasons to love the hotel and what the main attractions are. For example, if you and your girls want to be in the center of it all and have shopping malls and well-known shows on the premises, stay at Caesars Palace. If you are into something more intimate with top-rated restaurants, shows, and a rooftop pool, check out the NoMad Las Vegas.

Gamble as a Group

When you hit Vegas for a girls' weekend, you do not want to be bellied up to a poker or blackjack table all weekend or just sitting facing a slot machine. You want to find the fun, group table games that you and your girls can play (and win!) together. The two best games to play with a bigger group is roulette and craps.

Roulette – The iconic spinning wheel is one of the best group games at any casino and you can find it anywhere in Vegas. It is easy to understand and learn too. If you are a beginner, just put your money down on red or black. As you become more comfortable, you can start playing numbers and sections. If you really want to start to master the game, check out the 8 Best Kept Secrets of the Roulette Wheel from Gambling News Magazine. It will have you betting like a pro in no time.

Craps – Any movie you see involving Las Vegas probably includes a craps table. The roller gets ready, some person who brings good luck blows on the dice, they roll, and the whole table erupts in cheers as they all win big! This is what it is like when you get a good group playing crap together. Susan Reidm content manager at OnlineCasinoGems says, “There is no more high-energy game in the casino than craps. When you walk by a craps table that has a great group and their all having fun, it draws you in and you either stop and stare or try to join in the fun.” 

Take in a Show with Your Squad

Las Vegas is the live entertainment capital of the world and with good reason. It is where so many of the top acts go to put on their live show. No matter what hotel you stay at, you will find amazing live entrainment that you will only be able to find in Las Vegas. Some of the shows are mainstays that have been around for decades. Others rotate more frequently. To keep up on what the best shows are and which hotels they are in, check out this list from Gamblers Daily Digest.

They give you the low-down on all the best shows playing right now. If you are going this winter, you can find a host of remarkable shows playing up and down the strip. At the MGM Grand, there is David Copperfield and the Jabbawockeez, VEGAS! THE SHOW and All Shook Up – Tribute to the King are at Planet Hollywood, and you can find various Cirque Du Soleil at different venues. No matter what you and your girls are into, you can find an amazing show that will have you talking afterward.

See Your Favorite Artist’s Residency

One of the biggest things happening in Las Vegas now is musicians having residencies at a Vegas Hotel. This means that a huge, superstar artist will play a bunch of shows at the same theater at one of the big hotels. It is an amazing opportunity to see your favorite performer if they do not come through your town all that often. Some of the artists do not tour at all anymore, they just stay in Vegas. Some of the biggest current and upcoming residencies include Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Janet Jackson, Drake, Backstreet Boys, and, of course, Celine Dion.

Head Out to Fremont Street

If you need a break from the casinos, head over to Fremont Street where there are all kinds of fun, unique activities that do not have to involve gambling or drinking. There is so much to do and see on Fremont Street you can walk around for hours. There is a lot of history, shops, restaurants, and kitschy Las Vegas novelties in the Downtown Las Vegas locale. You can even take a massive zip line across the whole thing. There is also free nightly entertainment that will have you and your girls dancing in the streets. And, after all the good, clean fun, if you are ready to start drinking and gambling again, they have that too.


Las Vegas is not just a great place for a girls weekend, it is the best place for one! With so much to do and experience, there will never be a dull moment and taking it all in with your best friends will make it that much better. It will be a girls' weekend to remember forever.

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