Best Campsites to Visit in Devon

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Posted: Monday, August 31, 2020 - 08:44

As an overlander, you are passionate about the outdoors and reaping the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Still, after a long way of driving through the U.K. and getting to Devon, you may want to kick the brakes and relax for the night. 

However, since you can’t just camp in unauthorized places, here are some of the best campsites that you can pull over in Devon. 

  1. Westland Farm

If you are a city-dwelling camper, there’s a certain satisfaction that strolling through the dewy morning fields can give you – which is why you may want to try the Westland Farm in Lynmouth & Lynton. This tranquil camping site looks over a lake and has sheep-dotted hills all over. Plus, you have all the accommodations that you might, including toilets and showers, so that you feel that nothing is amiss. 

  1. Hideaway Camping

If you want to get away from the agitation of the city and go through your own rabbit hole, then you might want to try Hideaway Camping in Okehampton. Beautiful willow trees, secret grottos, small fairy doors, tall birches, beautiful rock formations – it has everything that your heart may desire. It’s like a secret entrance to a fairyland where everything looks serene. Pop out your picnic gear and some food and drinks from the cooler box, and you’ll be able to enjoy a chill time in the heart of pristine nature.

  1. Cofton Campsite

If you are in South Devon, then you may want to try out the Cofton campsite. Open all year round, it’s a place that has waves on one side and countryside on the other. It is one of the best sites for you to go to if you have a passion for fishing, as it has four lakes where you may try your skills. Plus, the area is stunning, making it the perfect choice for a family vacation. 

  1. Ocean Pitch Campsite

If you like spending your time at the beach, then you may want to visit the Ocean Pitch campsite in Croyde. You have entire acres of sand, you can enjoy a lot of pounding surf – and let’s not forget bronzed lifeguards. It’s the Gold Coast that can give you everything that you may want from life. If you are a surfer, it is the perfect spot to stop by – but even if you aren’t, nothing beats the feeling of falling asleep to the ocean waves or waking to a beautiful view as you drink your coffee. The entire campsite is a masterpiece that offers you anything that you might need.

  1. Hole Station

How does camping in the forest sound for you? Well, if you are a fan, then you might want to try Hole Station in Okehampton. While it is an adult-only campsite, this one is truly special. Formed out of 19 pitches in clearings surrounded by forest, this campsite will give you the privacy that you need in a magical forest setting. Plus, each pitch has a tarp on one side, offering you protection from all kinds of weather. You may easily make your bush-craft kitchen on this campsite. The camping pitches are set 10+ meters away from each other and every area is deep-cleaned, making it a great choice for campers that need their cozy private space. 

  1. Beryl's Campsite

If you want a truly special camping experience in Devon, you might want to try Beryl’s Campsite in Salcombe. This place is so secretive that its only giveaway is the sign that says “camping” over a flowerbed. Run by a friendly lady, Beryl, this camping site is found at the end of a tree tunnel in Beeson village. It has a pristine charm with a view over a huge lake, and the 29 pitches all have their own charm. It’s a sanctuary where you may explore nature in its full glory, without the agitation of city life.

  1. Lower Keats Glamping

Do you want a place where you can set a tent or two, but also sleep in an actual bed? In that case, you might want to consider stopping at Lower Keats Glamping in Axminster, South Devon. Featuring very spacious canvas lodging that has everything a happy camper might need, this campsite will feel like a hotel, yet you will be in the middle of nature. You can wake up, make some coffee, and step on the outside porch or outdoor table. You get an idyllic view that will allow disconnecting, bringing you closer to Mother Nature. 

Final Thoughts

Camping should be done right – and if you want to feel comfortable, then you need to stop by authorized camping grounds. Thankfully, Devon has plenty of them, so you won’t run out of beautiful sleeping quarters. You just have to decide which one meets your fancy the most.



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