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New moves to contain coronavirus in Devon

New measures to contain and reduce cases of coronavirus in Devon and safeguard the health of local people have been revealed.

They detail plans to provide a fast response to any future outbreaks of the virus across the county and help prevent it spreading.

The plans involve...




South West patients part of global remdesivir drugs trial for Covid-19

Authored by Mary

Plymouth researchers are thanking local patients who have taken part in a clinical trial of the antiviral drug remdesivir in the treatment of coronavirus. Remdesivir was recently approved by the NHS to treat COVID-19: the first drug to be licensed for this use in the UK .

The trial took place at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, part of a global study across North America and Europe....

Smile! It’s National Smile Month

Authored by Mary

Dental practices may be operating differently at the moment, as non-essential routine check-ups are postponed due to coronoavirus (COVID-19).

So parents of younger children are being asked to pay particular attention to their child’s teeth, to ensure that they continue to have good oral health hygiene.

During National Smile Month (18 May to 18 June) Devon Public Health,...

3 Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Authored by Sarah Parker

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a chemical derived from cannabis. Even though it comes from cannabis, it doesn’t create the “high” effect or any sort of intoxication, as that comes from another cannabinoid which is known as THC. Awareness on the possible health benefits of CBD has grown in the past few years, with many claims about the wonders it can do for some conditions. Here is what...

SW GPs lead the way by offering Covid-19 research opportunities to their patients thanks to new GP training

Authored by Mary

Research is being placed at the heart of GP training in the South West giving four recently qualified GPs and one GP who is still in training the opportunity to offer the Covid-19 research to their patients.

The PRINCIPLE Trial is a nationwide study into Covid-19 which is being delivered in the community. The study aims to enable researchers to rapidly evaluate different treatments...

Use the right NHS service for your needs this bank holiday weekend

Authored by Mary

Doctors in Devon are reassuring local people that the NHS is still there for them if they are unwell and need help, but reminding them that opening hours for some services may be different due to the bank holiday weekend.

GP practices will be closed on Monday 25 May for the bank holiday, but other services are available for people with urgent health needs over the holiday period....

CBD Oil and Relaxation

Authored by Sarah Parker

The trend in the UK around the active ingredient CBD has been growing for a few years now. But there are still questions about this legal wonder substance.

Above all, how can CBD help to reduce stress and thereby contribute to relaxation?

CBD oil is a small miracle cure, but we still have some big questions. If you want to learn and understand all aspects of CBD before...

Excellent Ways to Manage and Treat Acne

Authored by Sarah Parker

Acne is one of the common skin diseases that affect people of all ages and sex but prevalent among teenagers. As bacteria, dead skin and oil build-up, it causes blockages on the pores, and that leads to acne breakouts. The conditions manifest itself as whiteheads, pimples or blackheads on your forehead, face, shoulders, and the upper back. Through proper care, readily available products and...


Why It Is Safe to Purchase Medicines from an Online Pharmacy?

Authored by Mike Page

It can be a chore driving to a local pharmacy to purchase medication. However, there’s no need to go out of your way anymore. Besides, if you’re already feeling unwell, it makes no sense to drive to a local pharmacy; you'll only be potentially mixing with ill people. An alternative is to go online and have the medications delivered straight to your doorstep.

There are hundreds of...

A sign of the times: Senior Healthcare Assistant gets creative to overcome PPE communication barrier

Authored by Mary

Catherine Steffens, a Marie Curie Senior Healthcare Assistant, from Tavistock, Devon, has been getting creative making hand-made signs to connect with a patient who relies on lip-reading to communicate.

Knowing that having to wear a face mask would make speaking to her patient Yvonne, 76 from Yelverton, almost impossible due to her hearing difficulties and reliance on lip-reading,...

How to Create your Personal Home Spa Experience

Authored by Sarah Parker

Spending time at the spa is probably one of the most pleasant and relaxing experiences we can have. We spend days working and stressing over every detail squeezed into our daily routine. When we finally have the time to get away from it all, getting a spa treatment is such a welcome thing.

If getting yourself pampered with professional services seems steep, or you find that you don't...