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Free advice for couples with fertility issues

Prospective patients are travelling to Bristol from as far as Plymouth, Cardiff and Birmingham to attend free advice clinics for people who are having problems getting pregnant, the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM) reports.

The clinic, which has the highest success rate...




Let's Walk - Devon's biggest workplace walking challenge

Authored by Mary

If you are hoping to become more active in 2020, while enjoying some friendly competition at the same time, you can team up with work colleagues and enter a Devon wide walking challenge.

This February’s ‘Let’s Walk’ challenge will encourage employees to get out of the office and raise heart rates a little. If becoming healthier isn’t incentive enough, there are also prizes on offer...

Go dry this January to stop your eyes from doing so

Authored by News Desk

People in Plymouth are being urged to put the brakes on their binging this January to make sure they look after their health.

The New Year is an opportunity to detox and go ‘dry’, and Specsavers Plymouth said this is great news for our eyes and ears.

Dr Josie Forte, the store’s ophthalmic director, says: ‘We all know that alcohol can play havoc with our bodies and it’s not...

New research highlights benefits of marathon running – but local experts warn ‘be prepared’

Authored by Mary

New research carried out at Barts and University College London has shown that training for and completing a marathon can cut four years off an individual’s vascular age – and that those who are less fit benefit the most.

The researchers tested 138 people due to take part in this year’s London Marathon. Over a period of six months their arteries gained elasticity, reducing the risk...

Why a good mattress is crucial for your sleep

Authored by Kyle

There are many mattresses available in the UK which is great for us to choose from but at the same time, we are bamboozled by which mattress would actually suit us best. Back pain and stress are common causes due to a badly chosen mattress. A good mattress is proven to make a positive difference however if you have the wrong mattress for your body type or even the right mattress which has...

Avoid flu – book your child’s vaccination appointment

Authored by Sarah Parker

Amid warnings that new cases of flu could peak over the busy Christmas period, the parents of a nine-year-old boy from Devon who died from the illness in January last year, are calling on parents to vaccinate their children.

The request follows the release of data from Public Health England (PHE), showing that GP consultations across the country for Influenza-like illness have risen...

Choose the right NHS service for your needs over New Year

Authored by Sarah Parker

Doctors in Devon are providing essential advice to people across the county on how to choose the right service for them if they feel unwell over the New Year period.

Devon’s NHS leaders are asking people to do what they can to prevent themselves becoming unwell and make sensible to decisions when it comes to choosing the right NHS service if they need help.

All parts of the NHS...

Five top tips to sleep when it’s cold

Authored by Mike Page

The winter months are firmly upon us; the days are shorter, and the temperature has dropped. But, is the colder weather having an impact on your sleep? Are you struggling to drift off or waking up feeling chilly? If so, don’t fear. Holly Housby, sleep expert from Sealy UK , is here to help with her top tips for sleeping when it’s cold.

  • Take a bath.
  • Not just relaxing,...

    When to call 999 this Christmas

    Authored by Mary

    South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is urging people only to call 999 this Christmas if someone is seriously ill or injured, or their life is at risk.

    Demand for the ambulance service is likely to peak over the next two weeks when staff are expecting to respond to more than 3,000 calls a day.

    Paramedics and Control Room staff warn that unnecessary...

    Exercise and its Impact on Mental Well-being

    Authored by Mike Page

    Physical exercise will improve your physical health, possibly lengthening your life. It will rid you of some of that excess weight and at the same time improve your sex life. But there are other very important benefits to exercise and it is these which motivate people to keep at it. The rewards of visiting your local gym are, at the very least, as good as receiving a Fair Go casino bonus , so...

    Does Kratom Really Work for Pain - See Why Kratom Powders are a Great Alternative to Pain Killers

    Authored by Mike Page

    Most of you may have heard about Kratom. However, there are still many of you who do not know much about it. Kratom is a type of herbal plant that is native to the Southern part of Asia. The leaves of this plant is used for medicines, as well as, a type of recreational drug. Kratom is highly useful in fighting against depression, anxiety, cough, and cold. However, it is highly popular as a...