Health & Beauty

Top 4 Beauty Tips that All Women Should Know

Authored by Sarah Parker

There’s no denying that having confidence and self-assurance is essential to be at our best. But ask anyone, and most will tell you the same thing: aesthetic beauty counts a lot too. And while there may be some who might argue that our physical appearance doesn’t make us who we are, it still plays a role in boosting the confidence that we have in ourselves.

Looking our best is neither...

The Heat Is On: How to Sleep Better in Summer

Authored by Sarah Parker

In winter, we have no trouble getting to sleep. The temperatures are low and we take no time in getting all snug and just dropping off. Summer, however, is a different beast. The weather is much warmer, the days are longer and we can spend the nights tossing and turning, waking up at different intervals and, generally, not getting the sleep we need.

The heat is all too much, but just...

Have a Perfect Shower with These Three Tips

Authored by Sarah Parker

People nowadays skip the shower for a lot of reasons. Some are in a hurry for work, so they rather envelope their bodies with some fragrant body spray, making them seem like they have just taken a shower. Some merely choose not to do so as the weather is too cold for them to touch the water. However, thankfully, some people take their showers religiously, not missing a single time in their...

SeaFit Health Event coming to Plymouth

Authored by Mary

Free physiotherapy and NHS health checks, plus advice and information from a range of other health and wellbeing service providers, are coming to Plymouth on Friday 19th July as part of the SeaFit Programme for fishermen and their families.

Physiotherapists, healthy lifestyle advisors and mental health practitioners will be joining forces with local fishing training providers for a...

What exactly is CBD Oil & Is it legal in the UK?

Authored by Mike Page

CBD oil is one of the trendiest topics in the UK at the moment. You hear about celebrities bringing out their own ranges, CBD oil being given out in the Oscars gift bags and CBD restaurants popping up here there and everywhere. But what actually is CBD oil? And what is all the fuss about?

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol – or CBD as it is better known – is one of potentially over...

Most effective ways to overcome erectile dysfunction problems

Authored by Mike Page

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a real fear for every man. Besides the obvious problems that are involved when you suffer from ED, there is the damage it can do to a man's ego. Thankfully, it is becoming less and less of a problem, as society encourages men to be open about their problems, instead of hiding behind a macho mask pretending nothing is wrong. Also, advancement in technology and...

Plymouth opticians urges residents not to be caught out by the ‘silent thief of sight’

Authored by Mary

HUNDREDS of people living in Plymouth are at risk of having their vision stolen by a condition often dubbed the ‘silent thief of sight’.

An estimated two thousand and a half thousand residents are in danger of going blind from glaucoma – one of the largest causes of blindness in the world – due to its gradual onset. That is why this Glaucoma Awareness Week (June 17-23), Specsavers...

“Pre-knee op assessment saved my life”

Authored by News Desk

When Paul Gidley, 62, from Ernesettle in Plymouth attended Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre for an assessment for a knee operation, little did he know that the appointment would save his life.

Paul’s appointment at Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre was at the beginning of January 2018. For some time beforehand he had been experiencing urinary problems, especially frequent trips to the...

‘Get a jab, give a jab’ initiative donates thousands to worldwide tetanus projects

Authored by News Desk

Staff at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust have managed to donate £2,067 towards immunising expectant mothers and young children against tetanus.

As part of this year’s flu campaign, the Trust took part in the UNICEF initiative to ‘Get a jab, give a jab’, which encourages staff to take up the option of the free flu vaccine and, in turn, help donate towards inoculating people in...

Bladder and Bowel event in Plymouth

Authored by Mary

The eleventh Bladder and Bowel Event (BABE) is set to take place on Wednesday 12 June 2019. BABEs are aimed at supporting people with bladder and bowel problems and are organised by staff from our colorectal, urological and gynaecological teams.

The Colorectal, Urology and Uro-Gynaecology team The event will take place at the Future Inn, Derriford and will include various talks by...